The ClassicNote study guide on Gorilla, My Love contains a biography of Toni Cade Bambara, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz. Gorilla, My Love [Toni Cade Bambara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In these fifteen superb stories, this essential author of African. In: Gorilla, My Love. Random House, NY, Page 2. Gorilla, My Love – Toni Cade Bambara. Page 3. Gorilla, My Love – Toni Cade Bambara. Page 4. Gorilla .

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I get the feeling that Bambara’s characters are all fighting good fights by living lives worth living. View all 7 comments. Apr 26, Chris rated it it was amazing. As drawn with spirit and subtlety.

I also liked the much-anthologized title story. And don’t even say they sorry. Underneath the breezy delivery are serious topics of race, class and gender.

Gorilla, My Love

If Hazel’s text contains any positive promise or utopian dimension, it is to be found in her own strength of character, in her militant intelligence and her superb command of language. Hazel’s mother has been known to come to school to speak to the teachers when they are disrespectful to their African American students, and on these occasions pove dresses to impress: The title also signifies on “common European allegations of the propensity of African women to prefer the company of male apes” Gates, [ The Signifying Monkey ], When Hazel explains her side of the story, Daddy listens to her and puts his bambarx back on.

In the “Sort of Preface” to her first volume of short stories, Gorilla, My LoveBambara explains in a lighthearted way her attitude toward writing autobiographically: Hazel knows he is crying “Cause he is my blood brother and understands that we must stick together or be forever lost.


Can a man write a true and important story about women? When her grandfather and Hunca Bubba make a weak attempt to justify what has occurred “‘Look here, Precious, it was Hunca Bubba what told you them things. The reader is on her side. Given Bambara’s strong feelings, it is interesting to discover how many of the small details in “Gorilla, My Love” sprang out of her own life. She uses very little spelling changes, mostly just words.

Gorilla, My Love |

I’m really quite serious. Let’s take the story Survivor for example. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Who speaks for me? Bambara spoke and wrote often about her mother, Helen Brent Henderson Cade, as an example of strength and integrity.

They would look at Hazel’s diction, or at repeated motifs in the story perhaps the mentioning of names and namingor at relationships between the characters, or at the framing structure, gorilal ask: Short stories first published anywhere from to and collected here in When Hazel returns to the car trip near the end of the story, with another abrupt line “So there I am in the navigator seat”the reader still does not understand how the events are connected.

Specifically, Hazel comes to believe that adults, who should have children’s best interests at heart, cannot in fact be trusted to tell the truth where children are concerned. It is at this point, when Hazel starts telling her experience with the Mmy Theater on Amsterdam Avenue and the falsely announced film Gorilla, My Love, her vernacular text begins to unfold its full verbal, situational, comical and critical or satirical potential.


Personally, I took a while to get used to the vocabulary, and some words and stories remain far enough out of my orbit that I grasp their meaning and import only loosely.

May 21, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Klaus Ensslen, “Toni Cade Bambara: In all of these theaters, Bambara recalls. A movie house in the background of the photo catches the narrator’s eye, and she says, “Cause I am a movie freak from way back, even though it do get me in trouble sometime.

In this way, she demonstrates the obstacles to even arriving at a liberatory perspective in a culture of domination as a marginalised person.

Ensslen, Klaus, “Toni Cade Bambara: Jun 04, Dominic rated it really liked it Shelves: The main impetus behind Hazel’s handling the movie house situation is made explicit by her text repeatedly: Now, in the car with Hunca Bubba, Hazel feels again that adults simply cannot be trusted where children are concerned.

The short story “Gorilla, My Love,” narrated by a young working-class African American girl, was published the following year, as was another anthology, Tales and Stories for Black Folksa collection of stories for high school and college students.

Are the criteria for good literature the same for every body of literature?