“At least one adult giving leadership to a pack overnighter must complete Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO), No. , and be. At least one adult on a pack overnighter must have completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO, No. ) to properly understand the. Cub Scout Leader Handbook. BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoors Orientation). BALOO Seattle BSA BALOO BALOO A

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But if it were my name on the dotted line in terms of potential responsibility, I’d be as unimaginative and uncreative as possible in my interpretation and just go with what seems to be a fairly clearly defined policy. I would complain mightily to your District TRaining chairman. I ended up taking leaders to another Council for the training; fortunately for us that Council’s boundaries were within somewhat reasonable driving proximity and we were able to do so, but I think valoo were one of the very few units willing to do that.

How do you get started?

Event Details

Contingency plans should have been in place before the day of the camp. With proper planning and your BALOO-trained leader, your pack should be set for a fun and exciting weekend event.

I’ve even sent one of my leaders to NWGA council because that was the only date they could make it. Already have an account? I’ve received all kinds naloo interpretations of the BALOO rules, including that “lock ins” don’t count, that it 3416 only pack, but not webelos den, camping, and that as long as the BALOO individual approves the paperwork they may not have to attend the event. What do Cub Units do? Well that’s up to your local staffers in no small part.


BALOO Approved Camping Sites

This kind of camping isn’t the rugged high adventure outing geared toward older Boy Scouts. Scattered throughout the day are plenty of the four S’s: Such was the case for us. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I am not sure what you mean by your post.

I think that Lisabob has the best answer – turn it into a day only event, with no overnight. The BSA policies are quite clear and they are in place for protection of everyone. Rancho Seco County Park. Cub Scouts Search In. No Baloo training, no outing, go home. My original recommendation still stands as far as planning for camps.

Don Pedro Recreation Areaall campgrounds.

BALOO Camping Sites

Register a new account. Posted January 31, Teaching stuff at the Council level isn’t hard and it doesn’t require that much extra work. In our pack of 60 boys we currently have 6 trained adults. The emphasis is on family fun activities that don’t require lots of advanced outdoor skills. Is this a new BSA requirement? Scout IslandLake Yosemite in Merced. I’ve had this conversation with our DE a few times over the years.

Posted February 1, Calaveras Big Trees State Park. What do you do? If that is not possible, cancel any future camps until you have at least one more BALOO trained adult. Start bugging your district and council training teams. 341662 of a rule is done by the interpreter, risk assumed by same.


Overnighters are another matter. In our district, we do it once or twice a year. Reservations have been made for a record turn-out, the agenda is planned, food is bought, etc.

Eagle Pete This message has been edited by eagle-pete. If the training is truly not being offered at all, the Council is not complying with its side of the Scouting Contract! The liability issues would then fall on the members of the unit if something occured.

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) Training

In the afternoon, Cub Scouters rotate among four round-robin sessions—fire safety, stoves, naloo lanterns; first aid and sanitation; nature hikes and games; and cooking. If this is a BSA requirement, the District has an obligation to provide it.

A pack camp-out, at a location approved by the local council, is a great way for families to have fun and build confidence in outdoor skills. Check out the web sites of your area councils to see where they are holding their training. BTW – a council’s training does not have to be within its boundaries. I was once advised with this comment: If that doesn’t work, start bugging your 43162.

Please let me know if BSA requirements have changed. If there is no BALOO trained person at the event for the duration of the event it can’t occur or it has balo end.

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