: Bajiquan Foundational Training Vol. An excellent presentation of Baji Quan —also known as the “bodyguard style of Kung Book reviews. Baji-quan is a quan-shu branch mainly with short attacking strokes and hand In the ancient book the ‘Huai Nan Zi’ it is said that between the Heavens and the. Hello Do you know any good Bajiquan textbooks which could allow me to learn some of the baji techniques on my own? I am mostly interested.

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In the original Chinese there is an obvious joke here.

Through several more generations the art was passed on to the great twentieth century master Ma Fu-Luo from Ningxia, China. Well then, there are no Bajjquan instructors in a km radius from where I live. Chan – This refers to entangling or trapping the opponent using the rotation of the wrist, elbow or shoulder. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.

He liked martial arts and practised day and night, in all weathers. Here’s a translated book on Bajiquan from This fist is then used to strike downward like a rake.

One night, Wu Zhong was practising Wushu in the courtyard baiquan an old man suddenly jumped from the roof and old man didn’t answer and started to do some kung-fu.

Bajiquan textbook

This places the origins in the early Ming. The name again serves as a reminder to pay attention to thes 8 points during our training. The secrets of style. Think it’s Ma family. Until recently he has refused to teach Baji to any Chinese or non – Muslim.


Do you already have an account? The Ba-Ji form is undoubtedly a very good-looking and impressive form when performed skillfully but Ba-Ji is primarily a genuine internal style the main aim of which is to develop effective practical blok ability. However, Ba-Ji is a very powerful, aggressive and effective fighting art, but this side of the style has usually been kept secret or taught to very few people.

Like that counts as a strike against it?

Bajiquan textbook | Martial Arts Planet

To try and place the art any earlier, I feel, is not reliable. Which style is in it? Huo Diange was later recruited to teach inside the palace for the Qing. Do anyone know if there are any good books in English for baji quan?

It came down from Hebei Province, Can County. Ma Fu-Luo is the head of the Hui minority people in his province and a strict Muslim not considering himself to be a Chinese.


Bajiquan – by Liu Yun Qiao. The full title is “Kaimen Bajiquan” – “a 8-time box gate opening”.

The sounds are quite similar but with very different meanings. When learning Ba-Ji one usually first practices the basic techniques such as the coiling punch, relaxing and producing sudden power, and various stances.

The basic term “Qi” vital energy appeal to early Taoists systems and initial texts of natural philosophy, and also to the traditional Chinese medicine. It’s virtually impossible to get the Baji power generation without someone showing and correcting you, and even then it takes a long time. Modern Baji Quan is commonly traced to over years ago. Bajiquan – “8 celestial spheres”, 8 main forces jin8 stroke surfaces. Although Master Ma had not taught Ba-Ji to anyone outside the Hui minority people he took a liking to Ji Jian-Cheng, already a qualified Wushu instructor and master of several other styles, and agreed to teach him real Ba-Ji.


As for internal work, it is not as evident as external. This means expressing extreme power in all 8 directions. This is usually followed by Pi Chopping. Discussion in ‘ Kung Fu ‘ started by NykoutDec 6, Your name or email address: They sat together and talked about martial arts. He trained constantly, day and night, summer and winter.

It has since spread throughout China and is gaining traction in the international stage. NykoutDec 6, Wu Zhong was ever thoughtful of death and never forgot Islam.

There are no high kicks; just simple practical low front kicks, low leg attacks and foot sweeps, knee strikes, and stamps to the ankle, knee, or foot. Like Chen style Tai Chi, Ba-Ji also utilises ‘Chan Si Jing’ or ‘silk reeling energy’ where power coils through the body and is released in a sudden burst of energy, short but strong.

All existing wushu styles and schools can be divided on “external” and “internal”. Bajiquan complexes are mandatory for yellow and green belts in the school of the Wushu Federation.