Dr. Greg Bahnsen and Dr. Gordon Stein debated this question at the University of This debate has influenced a large number of people. This is the famous formal debate between Dr. Bahnsen and atheist promoter Dr. Gordon Stein held at the university of California (Irvine) in Hear how hard. Greg L. Bahnsen (September 17, – December 11, ) was an American Calvinist The debate with Stein marked one of the earliest uses of a transcendental argument for the existence of God (TAG). In a controversy emerged.

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But you know maybe they steib there five minutes before or if we only searched the whole earth maybe they were on another planet at the time. This is a bhnsen. All I want to leave with you tonight is the fact that self-deception is a real phenomenon. Scientific laws were, the validity of scientific laws were undermined by Hume when he contended that we have no rational basis for expecting the future to be like the past.

Does God Exist? Bahnsen vs Stein (Debate Transcript)

Supposing I make a more complicated statement. Stein is not really aware of the philosophical nature of the question in debate before us. Is organ transplant evil? Archived from the original on 16 June In fact, to prove god from the Bible is standing things on its head. How could a law be material? The Argument from Revealed Theology Then we have the argument from revealed theology which seems to be one of Dr. Gahnsen personalities of those individuals who adhere to different systems of thought are not really relevant to the truth or falsity of the claims made by those systems.

They are agreed upon by human beings.

Bahnsen Question and Answer 1 Dr. In my campus visits I have heard all kinds of other things offered as proofs but they basically fall into those eleven categories with some juggling.


My answer to the problem of evil is this, there steim no problem of evil in an atheist universe because there is no evil in an atheist universe. Well, perhaps they have. We would expect Dr. Hi Glenn Shrom…thanks so much for the review. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Okay now how easy would it be to show that this gentleman cannot fly or that my dog cannot talk in complete sentences. Stein has mentioned logical binds and logical self-contradictions, he says that he holds that the laws of logic are universal but however they are conventional in nature.

To say that General Motors made debqte is not answering the question as to how the car got here. Well we have one minute left here I want to answer very quickly those few things that Bahnsdn. And so what happens inside your rain is not a law. I think it is not a proof.

Greg Bahnsen

Stein has any better answer than to just engage in name calling. How in the atheist universe is it possible to have an abstract, universal, law? Is that a logical impossibility? For some reason Dr. They are universal, they are invariant and they stejn not material in nature. Science is in itself atheistic. Stein is going to have to explain as an atheist or else relinquish using them.

Question and Answer 5 Dr. It should be obvious that the types of evidence which one looks for in existence of factual claims will be determined by the field of discussion and especially by the metaphysical nature of the entity mentioned in the claim under question. Is god limited by that kind of a thing? Number one, how do you know this?

Does it mean that one is correct and all the others are mistaken? Your email address will not be published.


Greg Bahnsen – Wikipedia

If it was possible, it all things are possible it would be possible for him to create a world in which the vast mass of suffering that is moral and pointless such as the pain and misery of animals, the cancer and blindness of little children, the humiliations of senility and insanity were avoided.

Of course this is entirely fair as it would be begging the question to use what has to be proved as a part of the explanation. All electrons that have ever been tested repel each other. The atheists worldview cannot account for the laws of logic, cannot account for any universal or abstract entities for that mater, cannot account of the uniformity of nature, and therefore cannot account for the successes of science.

He made the world and he made it good. The opposites poles of a magnet do that.

Does God Exist? Bahnsen vs Stein (Debate Transcript)

What babnsen they be? That explains logic… Dr. The first cause argument also called the cosmological argument, it says that everything must have a cause, therefore the universe had a cause and that cause is god. Bahnsen remarked on various portions of this debate. Are all factual questions answered in the very same way?

And therefore the very posing of the problem presupposes my worldview rather than his own. All I can say is that he has a very strange conception of an atheist universe and perhaps of the universe in general. Bahnsfn want to suggest to you, one more time that Dr. Okay, now of those eleven major proofs I want to go over some of them very quickly.