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Not logged in [ Login – Register ]. Baglama Saz Apologies for posting this in the Oud forum I’m an American living in California who has been playing saz for about 9 years off and on. I’ve ariv two lessons with a saz player but other than that am self-taught, picking things up on the internet, youtube etc.


Bağlama metodu : Bağlama düzeni. 2, Diziler ve pozisyonlar (Book, ) []

I’m currently going through the Baglama Metodu book that was written by Arif Sag and Erdal Erzincan and translated to English a couple of years ago. I’m about half way through the intermediate level Level 2 of 3.

I own a short neck, long neck and an elektro saz. Here’s a sample clip of me playing: There’s one forum on tribe.

Mike’s Oud Forums – Powered by XMB

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bill PS I love the oud too and hope someday to own one.

Welcome, Bill, love your playing, very clean! All you need is an Oud. Thanks Fernand for the kind words.

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Yes, I’d love to own an oud some day, but I think it might be a little late in life for me to start learning such a difficult instrument I also play jazz guitar, lap steel guitar and ukelele already. Maybe when I retire and have more time? Hopefully there’s some some saz players lurking around here or enthusiasts who might be able to offer some words of advice!


Sasha Oud Maniac Posts: You sound like a Turk playing, and I can think of no higher praise.

You must not be a Turk But I appreciate the compliment! Brother Slack and Steel, thank you for the post and recommendation! Where can you purchase the Baglama Metodu English version? Thank you for your reply!