Guide to sub averages using the Fridrich Method. I’ve published many. F2L is the second step of the Fridrich method for solving the Rubik’s cube. You must solve the cross first. It can be done in 6 moves or less ~82% of the time and ≤7 moves % of the time. These are just optimal example solves; F2L.

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Badmephisto’s PLL page | SpeedSolving Puzzles Community

Flaming and hateful comments will be removed. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. If you put the headlights on the back face, the clockwise cycle plll the corners. Is there a badmephissto these cases were omitted from his 2-look PLL sheet? I thought the same thing, but the case you are talking about where you had two corners done and need to swap the other two, can actually be solved by bafmephisto the top layer to a case where only one corner is solved and performing the algorithm to cycle three corners.

I was mistakenly thinking I’d have to execute that alg multiple times to fix certain cases for corner permutation.

If you are already a member, simply login to hide this message and begin participating in the community! I guess I hadn’t actually investigated enough to realize that those multiple corner permutation cases could all be solved by the single 3-cycle. Think of the clockwise cycle as just the solution to having the ‘headlights’ – two adjacent corners with the same color on the same face to look like badmehisto headlights.


Follow the sitewide rules, and abide by reddiquette. Scroll down before posting For people who love any badmephidto of geometric puzzles, including but not limited to: Thread starter bichettereds Start date Jan 12, Commissions for work are also not allowed.

Badmephisto’s PLL page

Many of my algs are the same as Bad’s. The Aperm is for the adjacent swap and the Eperm is for the diagonal swap. How To Solve a 3x3x3?

Answering a question with “just google it” badmephiato also not an acceptable response. Most of them came from either Macky or Bob, in fact, I started with Macky’s and replaced as I synthesized other peoples algs. Post them in the Daily Discussion Thread! If you have no headlights at all, perform the E perm. The algorithms overview page that supposedly had printable pages does not exist Thanks for the clarification.

PLL — Cyotheking

Please check our wiki to see if your question already has an answer. Glad to know bamdephisto you got an answer to your question. Apply the correct alg when needed. Use the Daily Discussion Thread for “repetitive content”. There’s one alg for the adjacent swap, and one for the diagonal swap. He links some printable PDFs here: Btw the vadmephisto page is one easy printable page unfortunatly since you dont have office I’m not sure if you’ll be able to use it.

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Then do Ua, Ub, Badmepgisto, or Z perm for the edges. The A perm will handle any headlight case, which is what I didn’t initially realize.


Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Just put the headlights in the back every time you’re permuting corners and do your A perm, unless it’s an E perm because there are no headlights.

For people who love any sort of geometric puzzles, including but not limited to: CubeSlut Member Aug 3, Want to know which cube is right for you? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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It must directly relate to the content of your post.

You are currently viewing our forum as a guest which gives you limited access to join discussions and access our other features. I recognize you can solve corner bamdephisto using only the two cases he provides, but you’d have to apply them multiple times, and doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of 4LLL? Titles need to be relevant to your post in a meaningful way. Looking at other PLL resources, it looks like a T-perm or J-perm would do the trick for what we’re trying to accomplish there.

Algorithm selection is very personal and should reflect your style, so learn from as many different places as you can.