BA(KOREA) NTE Equvilent NTEP TRANSISTOR PNP SILICON V IC= 1A TO GENERAL PURPOSE AMP. NTE Data Sheet Data Sheet. NTE. 2SBA transistor pinout, marking BA Sometimes the “2S” prefix is not marked on the package – the 2SBA transistor might be marked “BA”. BA datasheet, BA pdf, BA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf.

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B564A Datasheet

It may be that re-starting the application eventually leads to the same error due to a bug in the software. Records — indicate that ATM controller b is to start four primary instantiations of ATM —and records — indicate that ATM controller b is to start four backup instantiations of ATM — as backup for four primary instantiations on LID 30 line card 16 a. As discussed above, once a process is given a process identification number by the name server corresponding to an object with which it needs to communicate, the process can then send messages to the other process in accordance with a predefined application programming interface API.

Alternatively, the failing device driver may have corrupted the hardware, thus, resetting the hardware as soon as the device driver is terminated may be important to prevent data corruption. Generally, redundancy designs come in two forms: At times, the software may be equipped with the appropriate instrumentation to detect these problems before they become hard failures, but even then, network operators are responsible for manually detecting and repairing the conditions.

The NMS is updated, assigns an LID and updates the logical to physical table and notifies the user of the new hardware. Because the MCD software, which resides in the kernel, will not need to be modified, the new applications and device drivers and the new DDL files reflecting the new PMD file for the configuration database and NMS database are downloaded and upgraded as described below without re-booting the computer system. Independent recovery may save significant time as described above for applications.

US7051097B1 – Embedded database for computer system management – Google Patents

As another example, a user of computer system 10 may want to be notified when any process requests more memory. Critical information for a network device may include connection data relevant to established network connections e. Upgrading a distributed application that is running on multiple bb564a is more complicated than upgrading an application running on only one board.

For example, due to a configuration change initiated by the user of the computer system, service endpoint FIG. Each control processor subsystem includes a processor integrated circuit chip 2426 a — 26 nfor example, a Motorola or an Intel Pentium processor.


In these systems, NMS polling is unnecessary and wasteful if the configuration has not been changed.

N design is generally less expensive to manufacture, offers greater service density than the 1: One possible solution is to hard code the name of device driver into ATM This flexibility is left up to the user and NMS, and the ATM interface table allows the NMS to communicate this configuration information to each instance of each application running on the different line cards.

Central processor 13 then begins acting as the primary central processor and applications running on central processor 13 and other boards throughout computer system 10 begin using upgraded configuration database Beyond prior architectures, however, the modular software architecture removes significant application dependent data from the kernel and minimizes the link between software and hardware.

Upgrades often result in data loss due to incompatibilities with data file formats. The internal resources within the network device are configured in response to the generated configuration data.

Corrective action may require failing-over one or more line cards 16 a — 16 n or other boards, including central processor 12to redundant backup boards or, where backup boards are not available, simply shutting particular boards down.

An example of a common error is a memory access error. As the size and complexity of the program grows, the amount of time required to test and the size of the regress matrix used to test the software also grows. It should be understood that SONET port is an example of one type of port that may be supported by computer system N redundant system, then one line card, for example, line card 16 nserves as the hardware backup card for at least two other line cards, for example, line cards 16 a and 16 b.

The user informs the NMS of the device driver change and provides a copy of the new software e. Markings on Part “M6”. The flexible naming process allows applications to use data in the configuration database to determine the names of other applications and configurable objects, thus, alleviating the need for hard coded process names.

The NMS database mirrors the configuration database through an active query feature described below.

Still other customers may not need any redundancy, and the user will not provide any backup line cards for that customer’s primary line cards. If a primary fails over to the backup, the failed primary may be replaced with a new primary. Many types of configuration changes are possible, and the modular software architecture allows them to be made while the computer system is running hot changes.

Metadata facilitates customization of the execution behavior of software processes without modifying the operating system software image. As one example, a temporary patch may be required to handle hardware faults specific to a known bug in an integrated circuit chip. To load instances of software applications on the correct boards, the NMS creates software load records SLR a — n in configuration database Delivery Options see all.


The descriptors can be stored in master event log file or local event log files a — n through which faults and events may be tracked and displayed to the user and allow for fault detection at a fine granular level and proactive response to events. During this time, configuration changes may be made to the system.

For example, additional hardware costs may include duplicate memory daatsheet and printed circuit boards including all the components on those boards. Vertical fault isolation allows processes b64a be deployed in a fashion supportive of the underlying hardware architecture and allows processes associated with particular hardware e. The OSE operating system and system services provide a single inter-process communications mechanism that allows processes to communicate regardless of their location in the system.

This is for 2 pcs of the 2SA Transistor. MCD 38 assigns a unique PID to the chassis, each shelf in the chassis, each slot in each shelf, each line card 16 a — 16 n inserted in each slot, and each port on each line card.

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For example, after primary ATM applications —executing on line card 16 aestablish network connections, those applications send critical state information relevant to those connections to backup ATM applications b654a executing on line card 16 b. Simultaneously, the restarted backup processes on line card 16 a again initiate the check-pointing procedure with primary ATM processes — executing on datassheet card 16 c to again serve as backup processes for these primary processes.

To minimize the number of reboots required for software upgrades and, consequently, the amount of network down time, new software releases to customers are often limited to a few times a year at best.

The audit process allows processes like device drivers and ATM applications to compare information, for example, connection tables, and resolve differences. Consequently, a PID could be permanently assigned to the chassis, shelves and slots and stored in a file. In yet another aspect, the configuration database supports an active query feature and the method calls for establishing an active query for all records within the configuration database of the NMS database.

In one embodiment, configuration database 42 is a Polyhedra database from Polyhedra, Inc. For example, one instance of ATM may be started for each path received by a port.