“Utekelezaji wa azimio la Arusha”: hotuba ya rais kwa Mkutano Mkuu wa Tanu, Mwanza, tarehe 16 Oktoba, Responsibility: Julius K. Nyerere. Language. Kabla ya kuanza kazi hii nimehisi nahitaji kusoma Falsafa ya AZIMIO LA ARUSHA, Nimekutafuta kitabu hicho sijakipata kushangaza. Get this from a library! Mafunzo ya Azimio la Arusha na siasa ya TANU juu ya ujamaa na kujitegemea.. [TANU (Organization). Idara ya Elimu ya Siasa.].

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However heavily we taxed the citizens of Tanzania and the aliens living here, the resulting revenue would not be enough to meet the costs of the development we want. This is the meaning of self-reliance.

Azimio la Elimu: A reflection on education for self-reliance | Pambazuka News

Tanzania is a nation of peasants but is not yet a socialist society. We also know that we cannot establish an industry in each village and through this means erect a rise in the real incomes of the people.

We realize that the cow has no more milk — that is, that the people find it difficult to pay more taxes. A loan is intended to increase our efforts or make those fruitful. If a country to be socialist, it is essential that its government is chosen and led by the peasants and workers themsclvcs. The Arusha declaration is divided into five parts: It is equally stupid, indeed it is even more stupid, for us to imagine szimio we shall rid ourselves of our poverty through foreign financial assistance rather than our own financial resources.

Today we are developed and we have enough money. Could we agree to leave the economy of our country in the hands of foreigners who would take the profits back to their countries?


Kigoda Qrusha Nchemba Meghji. This is not what we are saying. TANU leaders, and Government leaders and officials, all put great emphasis and dependence on money. Our country can produce various crops for home consumption and for export.

All this means that it is impossible for Tanzania to obtain from overseas enough money to develop our economy. Without money there can be no development. How much is too much? We shall be able to say, When we began our development plans we did not have enough money and this situation made it difficult for us to develop as fast as we wanted.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: We have even passed an Act of Parliament protecting foreign investments in this country. As Issa Shivji argues in his paper on Nationalism and Pan-AfricanismNyerere responded to the expanding capitalist regime that the nation state seemed to automatically enforce by producing a different version of the state.

It is a mistake because we do not have the means to establish many modern industries in our country.

Naomba mwenye kitabu cha AZIMIO LA ARUSHA

Further, it is essential that the ruling Party should be a Party of peasants and workers. It is true that there are countries which can, and which would like to, help us. If the minority governments of Rhodesia or South Africa controlled or owned the entire economies of these arushz countries, the result would be a strengthening of oppression, not the building of socialism. We made a mistake in choosing money — something we do not have — to be the big instrument of our development.


Arusha Declaration Monument – Wikipedia

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Independence cannot be real if a nation depends upon gifts and loans from another for Its development. Everything about us, without us?

The third category of financial help is also greater than the first. To unsubscribe Click Here. Calling on the Government to spend more without raising taxes is like demanding that the Government should perform miracles; it is equivalent to asking for more milk from a cow while insisting that the cow should not be milked again.

What is more, the foreign exchange with which the car was bought also came from the sale of the farmers’ produce. However, by the directive changed and the process was declared compulsory with the resulting exploitation by state monopolies devastating the villagization process.

TANU believes that everybody who loves his nation has a duty to serve it by co-operating with his fellows in building the country for the benefit of all the people of Tanzania. Women who live in the villages work harder than anybody else in Tanzania. To burden the people with big loans, the repayment of which will be beyond their means, is not to help them but to make them suffer. And there is in Tanzania a fantastic amount of talk about getting money from outside.