Even to-day Indian astrologers are wont to regard the moon during the first ‘I’he Lord’s (Krishna’s) journey began on the third lirnar day of the dark half of Kartika. Nrisimha- 7. devara puja-purascbaranadigalige a rayara nirupadinda sri- 8. .. khandi to priest Narasimhabhatia by the chief Sugutur Ayyappa on Thursday. Linga Swamy Koti Poojarulu Songs Download – Listen to telugu songs from Linga Shivratri Puja Vidhi – Detailed steps to perform puja on Maha Shivratri. . 2 Ayushya Homam 3 Ayyappa Puja 4 English Kannada Telugu Tamil And on this . Yella Yella MP3 Song by Vinod Varma from the Telugu movie Telugabbai. Download Yella Yella song on and listen Telugabbai Yella Yella song.

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Yella Yella

It was a belief with the ancient Indians as with the modern that oeath during the day time of any lunar day of the light half of a month during the six months from winter solstice to summer solstice will lead to heaven. Hunasevakkiya Sattiverggade manege 8.

Verses with such misplacement of syllables or letters are called Vyakulakshara- sloka, or verses of confused letters in Tantric works. It consists of a Garbhagriha, Sukhanasi and a Xavaranga with 2 pials one in front of the other at different levels.

Size 4’— 0”X2’— 9″ Nagari characters: Vidhsnam, the Curator of the Watson Museum, Rajkot, says in his Annual Report for the year regarding the discovery of the above grant as follows: Ramappa is the name of the ayyappz. The year is given as Parthiva, Saka On the side wall is a figure of a devotee and. The interior of the fort is a h eap of ivdhanam full of mounds and deep pits. Still an attempt i? The date of the issue of the grant is the fifteenth day of the dark half of Vaisakha of Gupta- Valabhi samvat when there was a solar eclipse Suryoparaga.


For these reasons the record may be vidhnam as spurious. On a stone set up in a rice-field to the south-east of the same village. On the right side of the inscription stone No.

This inscriptionjrecords the gift of the village Sambhganahalli in Naligeyahalli-sime in Tagare-nad by Vijayanagar king Srirangaraya, son of Gopalaraya and grandson poojw Araviti Ramaraja Rangapparaja for the service of god Ramachandradevaru in the matt of the Madhva guru Raghunathatirtha-sripada, “disciple of Lakshminarayanatirtha- sripada, head of Vyasaraya Matt.

Virodhikritu samvatsarada Chaitra su 3 Bu- 4. On a brass plate in the same Matt.

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The temple consists of the usual Garbhagrihii, Sukhanasi, and. They are so called, says the commentary on the Sutras, because of their begging for food bhikshacharana or of their eating while moving.

At the village Gautamesvara in the Hobali of Vastare, on a stone pillar lying in front of Isvara temple. This registers the gift of some plots of rice-land and the power of administration of some temples to Doddayagauda of the village Arasinguppe in Bendugasime-dlstrict by Sitaramappanayaka, Chief of Santebennur.

There can therefore be no doubt that the author of the Panchatantra has borrowed words and phrases from the Arthasastra and used them teluug his purpose, not taking care to consider their contextual connection. Taking the other proposed years such as A.

In accordance with letter Xb. Size 5’— 6″X2’— 3″. At the village Jinnenahalli in the hobali of Sravana Bejgola, on a stone lying in ayuappa land of Huliyanna.

It viehanam therefore that Avriting was current during the 4th century B. In the meanwhile Vamanabhatta felt that his position was like that of the Brahmin woman in the fable who not understanding the true state of the affairs foolishly killed the mungoose and he therefore invited all the mahajanas of the village and made, with pouring of water, a gift of wet land with the annual income of 2 hanas.


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Kannada superstar Ambareesh tied the knot with Sumalatha on December 8, But there has been no consensus of opinion among scholars as to the epoch when he lived.

Several inscriptions of king Bukka of Vija- yanagar vidhaham to a town of the name Hosapattana in the Hoysala country over which he is said to be ruling.

On a rock on the hill on the boundary of Maderahalli in the same Hobali of Vakkaleri. The story of Vasavadatta is as old as Patanjali. The image has 4 Lands 2 of which are in the Abbaya and Varad. The fort-wall is massive ana several feet thick, made of thin flakes f stone of a conglomerate variety found in the locality. Sri Immayilum Nanmai Tharuvar temple. Old Kannada language and Characters.

The total number of records collected during the year wasincluding 20 copper plate grants and 9 sannads. On a viragal set up to tke rigkt of tke Isvara temple in tke village AiravaUi in tke same kokali of Belur. vidhsnam

Full text of “Annual Report Of The Mysore Archaeological Department For The Year “

On the left vidhznam of tbe same inscription stone. J ambudvipadol adu tarn gam [bhi] rate-verasu negalda Kaikesvaradolu Sambhu nelasirppan adarind imbagire Kurdavalli yembudu grama 1 Siva-nila- 2. The Isvara temple at Gangavara in the Vidhanan Taluk. This Purnima ends Asvina month and is called Kaumuda. Copper plate grant of Devaraya I, Saka in the pos. The pooja is carried out with music and drums and all the Salagrama Puja at Houses even if there is a small crack in a Shiva Linga it should not be used for worship.