The daily pooja vidhi during the Vritham is simple. Saranam Vili (chanting of Ayyappa names) should be preferably done twice a day – morning and evening. 1. Ayyappan Swamy Shlokas & Mantras. (English) . Add the words ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ after each line. 1. Swamiye. . Om Vishnupoojakaya namaha. Ayyappa Nithya Pooja Vidhanam – Ganesh, Shubramanya, Ayyappa Ashtothara Sathanamavali, Ayyappa Saranu Ghosha, Namaskara Shlokas and Sthothras.

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History of Ayyappa Swamy Documents.

Get up early in the morning before the sunrise and take bath with normal water. King Rajasekara told Manikandan that the Diwan was responsible for all these vidhansm and hence he should be punished. Siriya kadutta Swamiyae The King sent several of his men to the forest for bringing this milk.

Saranam Ayyappa poojq Om Swamyae. The people also felt happy that a heir to inherit the Kingdom after the King, has been found.

Aum Mahasastre namaha 2. The holy Patinettampadi 18 steps is 15 minute walk from Saramkuthi. King Rajasekara was the direct descendant of this dynasty.

Always call out Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa’. The King understood that it was an impossible task and wanted his dear Queen to be cured at any cost and offered half of his Kingdom to anybody who brought the Milk. I dont5 know kannada im a telugu girl can u tel me in.

He got his bow in position and aimed his powerful arrows at her. To this day, people from far and wide come to the temple after a strict penance of 41 days to seek Manikantans blessings. Lord Shiva further told him that he could go to the Palace with Lord Devendran in the form of a tiger. Ayyappan is also known as Hariharasutan – son of Hari and Haran in literal translation – because he is the son of Vishnu, also called Hari, ebglish Haran, another name of Lord Shiva.


Daily Ayyappa Pooja Vidhi

The three main pujas during the mandalam season are the usha puja, ucha puja and athazha puja performed at morning, noon and night, respectively.

The king was overjoyed and returned to the kingdom with the child. Achchan kovil arasae Om Adhokshajaya namaha 6.

Manikandan asked the King what boon he wanted from him and he was ready to give it as he was much pleased by his devotion. In the meanwhile, the Queen gave birth to a male child and the child was named RajaRajan. Only after taking off the maala, offer pranams to Ayyappan’s Photo and Guruswami, the shaving has to thedone. Om Sri krishnaya namaha Only difference is they were in the other Documents.

From here after the exhausting descent, Pampa river is about 5 kms. King Rajasekara was very talented, courageous and just in his deeds.

Ayyappa Swamy Nitya Pooja Vidhanam, English Version_Final Doc_2016

Manikantans devotees trace his trail through the thick forests to reach the Sabari Hills. Having failed in all his attempts to kill Manikandan, the Diwan approached the Queen and told her that she had her own son, it was not correct to crown a person who came from the forest. Do your daily activities in the mood of service. After Ayyappa pooja only you can worship other devatas. The Deeksha holder affirms that he will follow the rules for these many days and wears the Mala as the symbolic of Deeksha.


On that day Manikandan reached the age of twelve. Do the Anna Danam to others. Do not sleep on mattresses or cushions. The king was delighted. At that time, Pandyas were ruling in many parts of Travancore. Without proper Vratham Pilgrimage to Sabarimala is not at all advisable. The Queen, as told by the Diwan, cried out loudly that she was suffering from severe headache and stomach pain and the King, believing this, called the Diwan to bring in the best physicians to treat her.

Arivimardanam nitya nartanam Hariharatmajam devamashraye Saranam Ayyappa swamy Saranam Ayyappa Saranam Ayyappa swamy Saranam Ayyappa Bhavabhayapaham Bhavukaavahanam Bhuvanamohanam bhootibhoashanam Dhavalavaranam divyavahanam Hariharatmajam devemashraye. When the pilgrim stands before the idol and Neyyabhishekom is performed, the merging of jivatma with the paramatma takes place.

She charged at the little intruder.

Other pujas offered to the lord are udayasthamana puja and a day’s puja. Save us from Mahishi, they pleaded.

The minister who saw this opportunity suggested a cunning plan that would help the queen to rid of Manikantan forever! Paapa samhaara moortiyae