Wake_on_Modem. BIOS: Award PnP 2Mb Flash ROM BIOS Form Factor: ATX Board Size: mm x mm. Software & Utility: HWMON utility. Download and update your AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF to the latest version. hi guys das any one know were i can download a bios update for a aopen ax6bc that will work with xp only because i have looked on the net.

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AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF

Fri Jan 04, Mon Jan 07, 6: I flashed the bios before I powered it down for the hack. Originally posted by Biased turkey: There are some people who use a PCI video board in a rig like that but I would say it isn’t worth it, time to upgrade.

Fri Feb 01, 6: If it will update the bios. Since the aopen board is a BX chipset, how did you get ax6nc tualatin celerons working on it?


aopen ax6bc bios update

Well worth my money and time spent. Originally posted by Rab: The AX6BC is supported now!!! Fri Jan 04, 3: I may have to reinstall Win2K, but I’m not sure.

Fri Jan 04, 5: Feb 12, Posts: JohnMcboy Ars Praetorian Tribus: I have a very similar upgrade scenario as the original poster, but haven’t had much luck so far. I spend hours pining over which mobo to get, reading up an all the issues with every mobo which is extremely confusing at the moment, given the general population seems to have about the same number of problems with any new mobo.

Bios Flash Utility – Aopen AX6BC User Manual [Page 80]

My only issue so far is the size of the stock retail intel heatsink. Still, a pair of slim, pointed tweezers, or a set of forceps pliers will do the job.

Apr 22, Posts: Thu Jan 03, I’m not really sure. LOL, if only they made them that small.


Dokebi Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Though as I’m running a Celeron at this time, I think that a Celeron 1. I thought I’d resurrect this thread after finding it with a search. Jan 22, Updatd Jan 5, Posts: The second much more difficult upgrade was my Abit BM6.

Mon Jan 07, 1: I thought the max axx6bc the aopen allowed was a pentium III Jun 24, Posts: But hey, I’ve got a damn fast computer, don’t I? Jul 5, Posts: This page mentions connecting a jumper-wire from pin N33 to AN15, but doesn’t mention if that’s required for the BP6 only when using a Powerleap Neo, or if you need it for this mod as well.