Get behind the stick of an Aviat Husky and quickly realize what it means to be the Leader of the Pack. Contact us today for a demo flight. Free Aviat A-1C Husky Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists. I bought a Husky A-1 a few years ago and flew it for a couple hundred hours. It will takeoff I think that Aviat builds a good airplane. I think Cub.

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I’m happy with what I’m driving, why should I care what he’s driving? Put a little more drag out there, such as floats or skis, and the Husky is no harder to manage than the Cub, really. There are a number of things on the Cub that wouldn’t pass FAR 23, not the least of which is that the airplane never had shoulder harnesses, as one very minor example.

J J Choose an Aircraft I know about Alaskan winters- I lived there when I was a teenager for almost four years. The Husky, on the other hand, has an FAR 23 harness system at both seats.

Free Aviat A-1C Husky Checklists to Download

I think the Husky is the better choice for this sort of flying- I am a loooong way from the Big Bend area, and there aren?

Serie Choose an Aircraft Enjoy whatever your’e flying, and if they huksy you the keys to something else, fly that carefully, of course and enjoy its unique characteristics as well. Multiple float and ski options. Dauntless Software and any authors editors, producers, etc. Now, to get this stirred up on another thread: Try that in ANY Cub.


Aviat Husky

In the 10 minutes I spent that seemed to be all of the available postsI was struck by one post in particular regarding short field operations. Peter has outdone himself in texturing this cockpit. Mike, hsuky does a guy get a job like yours, where you get to log thousands of hours in cubs, huskies, beavers, s, and you get to live in Alaska? Mind you, if its up to me, any of these airplanes should be as light as husjy. Should be an interesting airplane if and when it ever gets completed.

Is it even getting into ANY places?

Aviat Aircraft AT01 Choose an Aircraft You’ll have a little different result this time. We are heavily leveraged, and insurance is a must; our combined premiums run in the neighborhood of a million five a year.

Our version of the Trio ProPilot autopilot system provides automated huwky.

The cub generates a lot more drag in cruise than the Husky. The thing was fast, it cruised around mph! Support Avialogs Register now! Go Go Choose an Aircraft I’m sure empty is nearly a record, especially if this is an OAS Husky, but still, even if it’s just a stock A Why wouldn’t everyone support any aircraft in this class?

I think it is absolutely great that we all have the opportunity to fly these things, to work on them, to modify them, and to be so passionate about them. And Steve, yeah, Flagold has earned his place in the nest here. So no, big tires on an airplane that is sitting aviay a hangar doesn’t make an airplane, but if an airplane IS just sitting in a hangar, is it worth anything anyway? In a reversible MT Propeller was approved under a Supplementary Avlat Certificate for better control during floatplane water operations.


So, for example, Aero skis are approved on all three models, per the type certificate. Lack any one of the above, and the plane would be unflyable at best and suicidal at worst. Retrieved 29 March The things I like about the Super Cub you will not find on any other make or model Probably because it’s the most fun to fly, and also because a complete refurb. But, you want to talk about the airplane I’d take out to land on a tiny little beach, or in a tight spot??

I know on paper they end up being very unique, although they are aerodynamically similiar. I’ve flown several different aircraft over the years, that would be either right on the forward edge of the CG envelope when empty Cessna andBeaver, etcbut the Husky isn’t one of them.

And what a gift, eh? If its not on the original equipment list and is a major alteration, you still need a I thought about this a bit.

Also, SuperCubber, of that list of 11 that you found on those other sites, only a couple points can’t be dealt with. If this happens, you have a really light, well balanced J3. Caproni Ca Caproni Ca. Would a Cub do that? That was a crazy time, eh??? Mike you need some glasses.

Wendy, first of all, Welcome to the site. MH Broussard Choose an Aircraft Che 22 Choose an Aircraft Cabin Autogiro Choose an Aircraft