Introduction Automounting enables a system to automatically mount and unmount NFS resources wheneve they are accessed. The resource. NFS & AutoFS. Configuring NFS: NFS(Network File System): This file system is implemented by most unix type OS(SOLARIS/LINUX/FreeBSD). NFS seamlessly . Hi, i’m new to Solaris,i have this task which need to be completedand i couldn’t find a peoblem is i have a Server-A and Server-B i.

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Autofs intercepts the request. You can turn off the browsability feature in several ways. Set permissions to The nosuid option prevents users from creating files with the setuid or setgid bit set.

Even if the operation is successful, the autofs service does not check that the object has been unmounted, resulting in possible inconsistencies. An indirect map uses a substitution value of a key to establish the association between a mount point on the client and a directory on the server.

If you plan to access non-NFS file systems and you are using autofs, see the following procedures.

Now without the -m -Switch and directly with the solariss homedirectory. Okay, we have to go 20 years in the past. If the -soft option is used, requests to reinstall the trigger nodes can time out. This service also runs the automount command, which reads the master map and installs autofs mount points. Additional Information About nfsmapid. You can also disable the feature for each map entry on each client, using local autofs maps if no network-wide namespace is being used.


When troubleshooting, start the autofs programs jn the verbose -v option.

This procedure is sensible only when you mount a file system that is read-only, as you solwris have some control over the locations of files that solarus write or modify. Network Service Overview 2. You need to assemble a shared namespace for local executables, and applications, such as spreadsheet applications and word-processing packages. The server is not running the mountd daemon Resolution: However, if both the client and the server are running NFS version 4, the functionality is as follows.

Perhaps the entry has characters that need to be escaped. This first attempt provides a map that appears simple, but the map is inadequate. Access file systems by using the automount service.

Controls a client’s access to an NFS shared resource. By running the command, you make the change effective. Likewise, if the local subnet sutofs of version 2 servers, they are given preference over remote subnets with version 3 and version 4 servers.

How to enable/disable automount debugging in solaris 10 and solaris 11 –

When a request is made to access a file system at an autofs mount point, the following occurs: Steps to disable browsability so that autofs mount points are not automatically populated on a single client. This enables or disables the use of keyboard interrupts to kill a process that hangs while waiting for a response on a hard-mounted file system. Task Overview for Autofs Administration. Accessing Network File Systems Reference. The default is intr. This problem is usually an indication autfos an improperly continued map entry.


Mount a file system: Not a directory Description: Works with lockd daemon to provide crash recovery sklaris for lock manager.

Configuring AutoFS in Solaris 10

This message is produced only when the -v option is used. The author does not allow comments to this entry. The automount command reads the master map at system startup.

Steps to set up an autofs map that supports different client architectures. This file is maintained by kernel and cannot be edited.

Solaris 10 Basic Concepts: NFS & AutoFS

Boot Environments with Live Upgrade under the hood There is a combination of an incorrect Internet address and a correct host or node name in the hosts database file that supports the client node. You can modify, delete, or add entries to maps to meet the needs of your environment. I think you got it already.