30 JUNI – Wet betreffende het auteursrecht en de naburige rechten. (NOTA : Raadpleging van vroegere versies vanaf en. Art. 21 Auteurswet states that if a portrait has been published by the artist who did not create that portrait under the commission of the , NJ , regeling van het auteursrecht (Auteurswet , zoals laatstelijk gewijzigd in Act of July 7, , amending the Copyright Act of in connection with the.

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Hij is voorts gehouden desgevraagd aan deze rechtspersoon onverwijld de bescheiden of andere informatiedragers ter inzage te geven, waarvan kennisneming noodzakelijk is voor de vaststelling van de verschuldigdheid en de hoogte van de vergoeding. Section 41 For the purposes of Section 38, where a work is published in volumes, auteurswe, issues or episodes, each volume, part, issue or episode is considered as a separate work.

Part IV Special provisions concerning resale right. Artikel 48 Toon relaties in LiDO.

Artikel 39 Toon relaties in LiDO. Unless otherwise agreed, the authority to disclose to the public a radio or television programme by broadcasting it by radio or television or another medium fulfilling the same function, does auteursqet include authorisation to create a fixation of the work. Any person who, in any literary, scientific or artistic work protected by copyright, intentionally aauteurswet any unlawful alterations to its title or the indication of the author, or impairs such a work in any other way that could be harmful to the reputation or honour of the author or to his dignity as an author is punishable with imprisonment for a term of not more than six months or with a fine of the fourth aufeurswet.

If the other party to the contract or the third party does not assign the copyright back within a stipulated reasonable period, then a court may, on application by the author, determine an amount that is reasonable in the circumstances which the other party to the contract or the third party must pay the author, in addition to any compensation due to the author.

Auteurswwet otherwise agreed, the holder of the copyright in a portrait is not entitled to disclose it to the public without the consent of the auteurswft portrayed or, for ten years after his death, his auteeurswet. Wet van 23 septemberhoudende nieuwe regeling van het auteursrecht.

The specification referred to in the first subsection is not required if the number of annual reprographic reproductions is smaller than such number as will be specified by order in council.

As long as copyright continues to subsist in the work, the same right vests in the person the author has specifically designated by testamentary disposition, if it is reasonably likely that the author would also have approved such alterations.


Copyright Law of the United States | U.S. Copyright Office

Section 21 If a portrait is made without the author having been commissioned by or on behalf of the person portrayed, or for his benefit, the rightholder is not permitted to disclose the portrait to the public if there is a reasonable interest opposing disclosure on the part of the person portrayed or, after his death, one of his relatives. Upon application by the rightholder, the court may order appropriate measures to be taken for the dissemination of information about the decision at the expense of the person who has infringed the copyright.

Bijzondere bepalingen betreffende computerprogramma’s Toon relaties in LiDO. Part IA Exploitation agreements Section 25b 1. Part VI Specia1 provisions concerning computer programs.

De rechter wijst het verzoek ook af, indien de verzoeker pogingen heeft aangewend tot het bekomen eener schadeloosstelling van dengene die de bevoegdheid uitoefent. After the author’s death, the right to bring an action for compensation on account of an infringement of copyright as referred to in the first subsection vests in the author’s heirs or legatees until the copyright expires.

The rights and obligations arising from an agreement that a legal person entitled to exercise the same rights concluded in respect of the broadcast referred to in the first subsection apply fully to rightholders who have not issued instructions as referred to in the second sentence. Section 16a Making a short recording, show or presentation of a literary, scientific or artistic work in public in a photographic, film, radio or television report is not regarded as an infringement of the copyright in that work, insofar as this is justified for giving a proper account of the current event that is the subject of the report and provided that, as far as is reasonably possible, the source, including the author’s name, is indicated clearly.

The Minister of Justice, E. Artikel 26a Toon relaties in LiDO. De aan de nabestaanden toekomende bevoegdheden kunnen zelfstandig door ieder van hen worden uitgeoefend. Artikel 25a Toon relaties in LiDO. Artikel 31b Toon relaties in LiDO. The same applies to exhibitions.

Als inbreuk op het auteursrecht op een door of auteurswe de openbare macht openbaar gemaakt werk van letterkunde, wetenschap of kunst, waarvan de openbare macht de maker of rechtverkrijgende is, wordt niet beschouwd verdere openbaarmaking of verveelvoudiging daarvan, tenzij het auteursrecht, hetzij in het algemeen bij wet, besluit of verordening, hetzij in een bepaald geval blijkens mededeling op het werk zelf of bij de openbaarmaking daarvan uitdrukkelijk is voorbehouden.

Artikel 15h Toon relaties in LiDO. Artikel 29a Toon relaties in LiDO.


Hij begroot de kosten van beide partijen en bepaalt in welke verhouding zij deze zullen dragen. In derogation from the first subsection, the compensation referred to in Section 43a 1 is not due to the hereditary successors in title of the author for a sale of an original work of art made before 1 January The Copyright Act of The same applies to works whose author is considered to be a public institution, an association, a foundation or a company unless the natural person who created the work is indicated as the author on or in copies of the work which have been disclosed to the public.

The performance of a dramatic, dramatic-musical or musical work, the showing of a film, the recitation or broadcast of a work in a radio or television programme and the exhibition of a work of art is not regarded as a publication.

Section 3 [repealed as of ].


Investigating officers are authorised to enter any premises for the purposes of investigating offences punishable under this Act and seizing anything that is subject to seizure.

Artikel 45f Auyeurswet relaties in LiDO. This Act also applies to the broadcasting by satellite of a work incorporated in a radio or television programme if: Copyright Protection and Management Systems. This section does not apply to the reproduction of a collection accessible by electronic means as referred to in Section 10 3. This section does not apply to acts of reproduction referred to in Section 16c, or to the recreation of works of architecture.

Notwithstanding the assignment of his copyright in whole or in part, the author retains the right to bring an action for compensation against the person who has infringed the copyright.

Artikel 17a Toon relaties in LiDO. The case will be auteuurswet in chambers. Author of the work Section 3 [repealed as of ] Section 4 1. Artikel 3 Toon relaties in LiDO. Section 42 Notwithstanding the provisions of this Part, no copyright can be invoked in the Netherlands in cases where it has already expired in the country of origin of the work.

Degene die de vergoeding, bedoeld in artikel 16hdient te betalen aan de rechtspersoon, bedoeld in artikel 16leerste lid, is gehouden aan deze opgave te doen van het totale aantal reprografische verveelvoudigingen dat hij per jaar maakt.

Section 25f applies to a contract by which the author assigns the copyright in whole or in part, or by which the author grants an exclusive licence.

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