Operating manual for remote control unit VR 90 _ 2. 1 Notes on the of the auroMATIC and VRC modular bus con-. Installation instructions Mixer module VR 60 _ 2. Contents. 1. Notes on the documentation. . of the auroMATIC or VRC controllers and. Find great deals for Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 . Shop with Picture 1 of 4; Picture 2 of 4; Picture 3 of 4; Picture 4 of 4.

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Selecting the menu An overview of all the menus can be found in Fig. Error messages If an error occurs in the heating installation, the controller displays an error message on the second line of the menu.

For this reason you can set a common boiler temperature excess for all mixing circuits.

Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC 620 / VRS 620/3

With the aid of modulating bus couplers accessoryup to 8 Vaillant modulating heaters can be connected. The controller shows the menu for One-time cylinder charging. It is also possible to select the parameters for the associated heating circuit timer programme, heating curve etc. Basic display The basic display shows the current operating mode and the required room temperature for each heating circuit and allows the operating mode of each heating circuit to be changed quikkly. That is to say, the controller can control a maximum of 14 circuits.

auroMATIC – Busmodular control system for solar supported heating – Vaillant

The controller will no longer be able to control the heating installation. One bus coupler is required for each heating appliance. In such a case, the controller functions only as the control system for the solar system. You can define up to three time windows for each option.


In this case you must set two time windows, from When the function is auromaatic, the boiler saves the current time of the start. The changed target room temperature is saved and takes effect. Less sunlight falls on the collectors when it is cloudy.

Set values Target values are desired values that you specify in the controller, e. The Installer auromaitc is therefore protected by an access code.

Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 | eBay

The following example describes how to set a timer programme for the weekend for heating circuit HK1. Target flow temperature on starting day 1: You can still set all the parameters in the Auromaic level.

Optimising the time windows for hot water generation Time windows can be programmed for the hot water generation. If you do not ensure adequate protection from frost for your heating installation during your absence, damage to the building and the heating installation can result. These system components are drawn in broken lines or in grey in the plans. Furthermore the teleSWITCH accessory can be connected to this input in order to make the same adjustments remotely using the telephone network.

Plain text messages simplify operation. The heating is in operation and still the room temperature is not comfortably warm. Example of information display for HK1: The owner alone bears any risk.

So you need not to worry about anything. Weather guided regulation for all applications and conditions.

The cylinder is not charged and the circulation pump is not in operation. The changed year is saved. Current temperature at the cylinder probe On systems with two collector arrays, the highest temperature is shown.


If the solar radiation is too low, the solar hot water storage tank is post-heated by the boiler. System status The system status display is the standard display on the controller and is thus the first display in the operating sequence.

auroMATIC 620

The pump is switched on again after cooling. The Energy saving function is enabled when the menu is displayed. They describe a time window, e.

Service The heating installation must be serviced regularly. The controller saves the new name and displays it in all menus henceforth. Warning sign a e a b Signal word Explanation Danger! After a aurimatic access code has been entered, the standard code will no longer be displayed in Menu 8. The set value merely represents the maximum period of time desired by the customer. Risk of being scalded by hot water! In the case of the circulation pump the time windows determine the operating times.

This value is compared with the target room temperature and, if there is a difference, results in adjustment of the heating flow temperature by means of the socalled “Effective target room temperature”. If parallel cylinder charging is activated, the mixing circuits continue to be supplied during the cylinder heating procedure, i.

Heating curve The flow temperature in heating installations, calculated as a function of the outside temperature, is known as the heating curve.