– Audi TT Coupe. – Air – Audi V8 TDI Engine Mechanics – Audi A2 – Engine and Transmission – Part 01 / Part part number: application: vw/audi l (fsi) 4-cyl 1. always verify the a4, mit dem motorkennbuchstaben awa, ein. im februar kam der 2,0l fsi motor im audi a2 als Etka Audi A4 B7 Filetype Pdf | Audi | Volkswagen . selbststudienprogramm nur zum internen gebrauch der 2,0l // .

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They exists also as an “wild copy” as Adobe Files, but I don’t have it. Thank you for the info. Or can you investigate the possibility of an English translation from VW Audi? And I absolutely don’t know if there are translations. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Do you think you could ourchase them for me if I sent you the money? Are they paper or electronic? It would alternate hard and soft before finally staying firm. They explain how everything works: Media New media New comments Search media.


What sort of cost are they? Are there any for the body?

As alwyas the most dangerous bit being the heart attack inducing beep when the warning symbol flashed up onthe dashboard. Martin Bickel Guest 15 Dec To get an idea what kind of self training programs are available, take a look here: Status Not open aa2 further replies. If they are disc based can you copy them? Sselbststudienprogramm got them for about 5 to 6 EUR including shipping. I can vouch for the power steering complexity as our 1.


But on ebay you can find hundreds of them only a fraction of them are about the A2 though. I’ve just had a quick look on ebay.

Car drove quite strangely with the fault.

Your English is excellent. Audi self training program on ebay and purchased two: And then there is booklet No.

– Technik – SSP – Self Study Program – VAG – to

I can purchase them for you, no problem. Thanks I guess that is it for me as sorry i studied French and Italien in school and can only order zwei bier bitte in you language. They used that for supporting and training the staff. So for this updated SSP an offical market distribution don’t exist. Or that the TDI engines have a fuel cooler? After then no updates and translations exists.

Thread starter Martin Bickel Start date 15 Dec All paperworks had issues from DaveS Member 15 Dec They are paper, DIN A4 sized and have about 80 color pages.


I don’t know if translations of them exist, but I’m sure that if they do exist you won’t find them called ‘Selbststudienprogramm’ I’ve found 3 issues that are specific to the A2: But neither of the booklets I bought is up date, both predate the A2 1.

Martin Bickel Guest 17 Dec Forums New posts Search forums. Just ask your dealer, he should know. I must be ale to get someone to translate them. What’s new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Did you know that the power of the power steering depends on the turning speed of the steering-wheel? Turned out to be the steering wheel angle sensor – car had to be 4 wheel aligned to fit the part.

Are they available in English? I bought mine on ebay. Hi, I recently discovered the ‘Audi Selbststudienprogramme’ translation: But you should first check how much an international bank transfer costs, I’ve heard they are quite expensive.

The faster you turn the steering wheel, the more support from the power steering you’ll get.