How does the Audax HMZ0 compare with the Scanspeak 10F for midrange for a HzHz range in terms of sound quality? With the. 21 cm / 8″ PRO Midrange with Audax’s worldwide patented HDA-Aerogel-Cone. Extremely high SPL of 99 dB! Can be used in any HIGH-END application where . We have stock of many of the popular drivers like HMZ0, HMZ10, HMC0, HMZ18, PRM0 and also stock of many rare and hard-to-find Audax.

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AUDAX 80mm bas-mid drivers. High quality amplification capable of driving low impedances must be used, so maybe leave the tube amp in the cupboard.

High frequency was well quite well focused and extended, but seemed a little zudax forward than I am used to. This could be due to the room as I mentioned earlier or possibly because of another theory that I did discuss with Rick.

At 96 dB 1 watt each, this could constitute about dB watts for the pair without the room loading adding any! Where they were placed was where they stayed.

It was like having a wall of sound coming from the left and the right sides of my room. This may also account for some of the little issues or negative comments I will bring up next because I believe these speakers needed to be in a bigger room. The bases of the speakers have a hm100x0 MDF molded piece to increase stability. Auda binding posts Dimensions: The b ass drivers are Audax HMZ12 which use Aerogel cones, cast frame, rubber surround, and flat wire on a Kapton former.


Let me tell you it was an effort and a half. These were like hn100z0 pair of wild horses raring to go.

They currently produce eleven different models of speaker from bookshelves to floor-standers, center speaker models, and subwoofers.

Audax HM100Z0

I can tell you right now, they were not driven that loud in my presence. The baffle is made from 60mm MDF and has a unique concave curve to which all seven drivers are mounted. AUDAX mm bass drivers. Go to Home Page.

The Jupiters also have a nominal impedance of 2 ohms so, their minimum would be lower than that. AUDAX mm bas-mid drivers.

audax speaker units from

In regard to the way the crossover does its job in the Jupiter, the roll-offs are well within the driver’s natural roll-off, and are acoustic 1st order in the important crossover region. The crossover is finished with multiple paralleled ME polypropylene capacitors. Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. Since the Jupiters are a massive mm deep, I could not possibly bring them any further forward which they probably needed.

Proraum Vertriebs-GmbH | Shop | Midrange Drivers | AUDAX HMZ10

Perhaps it is not so surprising that the Jupiters are made to crank. Please explain um100z0 problem you are having. Soundstage and dynamics were massive. The WAF may be low, seeing they take up so much room, but may be high if your spouse likes big beautiful cabinetry.

You are welcome to email for further information. All cabinet walls and internal bracing are made from 32mm MDF.


I suggested that a lower crossover point might be advantageous for the configuration. Nature of Equipment Reviews. Audax has been for years developing new materials for diaphragms, an example is their HDA High Definition Aerogela polymer diaphragm material lighter and stiffer than materials normally used. At lower background levels I thought they were a little flat and lifeless, but get them to an average or above listening level, the resolution increases and these things will rock you!

Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. Rick Stadelmaier Equinox Audio – Australia. Terms and Conditions of Use. Overall, sonic presentation of the upper end was very forward.

Conclusions The Equinox Jupiters are a lot of speaker for relatively not so many dollars. Forget about moving them in or out when I wanted to use them either.

Audax MidRange Drive Units

All drivers have 2nd order acoustic roll-offs with responses that mimic a 2nd order electrical crossover. Accuracy, Distortion, and the Audiophile. H100z0 was a real eye-opener how cleanly they pushed out big drum sound. You can find substitute table for old Audax drivers below.

They are definitely not for everyone though. As quoted from the Equinox literature, “The baffle is curved to form a Focus Time Aligned Array, which smoothly time aligns the drivers without nasty diffraction effects.