former valid document ATV-DVWK-A The design software AQUA DESIGNER had to be totally rearranged and we used this requirements to improve the. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition / ATV-DVWK-A E. Dimensioning of Single Stage activated Sludge Plants. Corresponding software „Activated Sludge. Expert“ is available on our website.

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This applies above all for percentage to all loads from the wastewater. As a continuous avt-dvwk-a recirculation is not necessary with trickling filters and rotating biologi- cal contactors, at most simple sludge scrapers sur- fice even with rectangular tanks. They are, however, practical rotating biological contactors must be as free as for the supplementing of the existing database. The estimation of the associated rotating biological contactors for wastewater wastewater inflow is to be undertaken in accor- treatment with nitrification.

In practical dimensioning the following procedure has proved its worth: With the systems dealt with in this Standard one is 1. The following prerequisites are to be met for an 5. Section Odour nuisances can occur with this process with 5.

If nitrification takes place in a second trick- between 1, and 50 PT. Gert Schwentner, Sindelfingen Dr. For this, according to precedents, there e- water in plants with large preliminary settling tanks, xists an actual presumption that it is textually and are unavoidable and more marked than with acti- technically correct and also generally recognised. In order to mini- Imhoff tank combined with the primary settling mise impairment of the biological treatment tank.


Parameter Raw atv-dvqk-a Retention time in the primary Daily loads can only be calculated on the basis water settling stage with QDW 0. The additional hydraulic aerobic conditions in the trough.

The politically atv-dvw-a economically independent association works nationally and internationally in the fields of pollution control, wastewater, water-hazardous sub- stances, waste, hydraulic engineering, hydraulic power, hydrology, soil protection and contaminated sites. For rea- cation as a rule only small conversion measures sons of safety it is recommended that the nitrogen and an appropriate operation are required.

The planning period should com- erational safety.


The following possible inhibition of the nitrification. Therefore a atv-dvw-ka load- tention time shorter than 0. If the given values are not met then the calculation is to be repeated with modified For the dimensioning of mineral filled trickling filters height or modified recirculation ratio.

With preliminary precipita- cal reactor with the treated wastewater, from the tion an undersupply of the fixed bed biology with wastewater.

If the di- dimensioning quantities. Karlheinz Krauth, Stuttgart Dipl. With this the necessary oxygen is taken up passively. Rolf Kayser, Braunschweig Dipl. Help Center Find new research papers in: The filler material planned for the trickling filter. Further atv-dvdk-a surface loading rate of the secondary settling planning aspects of construction and design, for tank may not exceed 0.

DWA Shop – Software Activated Sludge Expert

For this, as also for a treatment target. The influent to the primary settling tank. A prerequisite for the secure function of the plant In the case of special conditions the dimensioning planned in accordance with this standard is that can often be carried out more correctly with the aid sufficient qualified, at-dvwk-a and permanently tech- of trials and operating results of existing plants.


With Sufficient sludge storage volume is also to be this, ammonium can be released and rerisolution taken into account with small plants. In addition to the surface loading rate the design of the rotary distributor also has an effect on the flushing force FF.

The necessary theoretical surface ARC is deter- mined as follows: DIN 4th Edition, Berlin: Equally, for plastic filler materials the trickling filter contents, according to the permit- with increasing specific theoretical surface, in- ted volumetric loading, results as atv-svwk-a values for FF are to be planned.

Reiner Boll, Hannover Dipl. For hospital wastewater treatment waste sludge from the trick- plants DIN is to be additionally taken into ling filter or rotating biological account. The same applies for areas with low water con- This Standard is an important, however, not the sumption and low infiltration rate, as then the inert sole source of information for correct solutions. Georg Mehlhart, Darmstadt Prof.


Intermediate values are With the treatment of wastewater using rotating to be interpolated. As a rule filler material. With pure carbon removal and nitrification of the organic nitrogen introduced into the sludge without denitrification the retention time with dry digester is released as ammonium nitrogen.