[ATSC] ATSC A74 Recommended Practice Guideline Document entitled: “ ATSC Recommended Practice: Receiver Performance guidelines,” Sections. Advanced Television Systems Committee, “ATSC A74 recommended practice guideline document entitled: ATSC recommended practice: Receiver performance. Refer to ATSC A 74 Section for further guidance. two or fewer errors, 30 of the 50 field ensembles available from ATSC in conjunction with ATSC A

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MIU1 is 8MB with 16 data width. I’m atec to posting on this forum, but I’ve read that some members have successfully IR-controlled other Samsung tuners T, T and integrated them into their ReplayTV channel guide.

It run at 44MHz and will take much affection to the sensitivity performance. We should guarantee these four bits both before further next debug. Originally Posted by Davinleeds CC: Basic check in hardware: My local cable system put many of the unencrypted QAM streams at MHz, above the range of my tuner, atsv it impossible to get to them.

While you wait you see stsc but a “Please Wait” message. Originally Posted by Rammitinski When you press the “guide” button on the Accurian’s remote, after you’ve waited about seconds, press the “exit” button and the guide will come up with the info sooner than if you just wait for it to do it on it’s own which DOES seem like forever – I know – I’ve got one.


The RT clock output swing is programmable through I2C interface. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.


These tuners Alps all seem to use single conversion. We can judge the TS data if pass depend on this pin. Detect a best direction for more strength signal. There does not seem to be a774 consensus yet as to what profiles and how many atsx them need to be decoded to qualify the receiver as a higher generation, current technology one.

With proprietary GreenRF techniques, RT achieves both high performance and the lowest power consumption which perfectly compliant with the worldwide trend. Item 2 means HW error in the demodulator data bus.

ISP tool will recognize the Flash type automatically.

openGear® Module Receiver Decoder Card

For cost sensitive project, atac RT can share crystal with backend demodulators or baseband ICs to reduce component count. Sorry to get off track there – just trying to help. You can get A74 at: Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. At least a report that shows what ensembles were passed and how many.

Error pin will show the TS package if a47, if error rate is too big. Serial or Parallel CLK: Multi path Dynamic Echo Ensembles Note: The recommended reference design for crystal aatsc capacitors and share crystal is shown as below. These were multipath profiles that were generated in Washington, DC and NYC and recorded and they are distributed to manufacturers to test their receivers. Probably off topic for this thread, but Samsung was a major contributor to this symposium.


Three crystals are working on their normal frequency. Ahsc as when test sensitivity report. Do I have a defective unit? A74 define a requirment for the ATSC receiver system.

You should hear me when I hit the damn thing by mistake. But maybe now that is a moot point. To reduce component count and font factor, a low profile SMD package crystal is recommended. Could upload data to front end device to implement alternant multi media requirement.

openGear® Module Receiver Decoder Card | Sencore

Getting DTV Scan status: Any advice would be appreciated. Did not want to kill the box though. Error may be in the side. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Differecial Trace to Demod: ATI seems to have some great engineering people there.

The Samsung is reasonably good, but not quite up to the LG. Zenith showed the first “5th” Generation chip at NAB a couple of years ago. It is used to read write the register of Saturn. BB attsc is On. Download the BIN code to flash.

Connect the debug board to main board.