At the Gates of Loyang is a trading game in which you are able to produce goods Best Card Game Nominee · Essener Feder Best Written Rules Winner. cry: In the 8th page, in the FAQ part, the rules say as below.: [i]① What happens if the pile of Action cards is completely emptied during the. Board Game: At the Gates of Loyang» Forums» Rules · Post Thread 0, solo variation of Loyang/a question about the offer grid. by Daniel Mills Wed Apr 5.

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Choose a Starting player, who takes the larger Starting player token. In the next round, she does not deliver the two vegetables, and she turns the Satisfaction marker to the red side. Every boardgame purchased should be played more than a handful of zt, until you are reasonably good at it and can fully appreciate, and thus enjoy, it. She then discards the Regular customer, including the 8 vegetables and the Satisfaction marker.

After that, every time you harvest, you take one vegetable from the field. I use a glass bead as the score marker and not the small Chinese farmer piece that comes with the game.

A player tates not serve two Casual customers at the same time. There is no check in advance if you really can buy a vegetable, loywng this depends on the helpers you decide to play. He can choose to keep 0, 1 or 2 of these cards; any that he does not keep are discarded.

Positions on this path of prosperity determine victory. How can one reach 20 points in At The Gates of Loyang?

Even if you can’t use all ruoes harvested vegetables for serving regular customers, you can try using them to serve casual customers, probably by using market stalls to change the vegetables to the right types. At Yucata the players in a four-player game will play the action phase successively in the following order: She places the Regular customer beneath the Market stall.


Or just that there may be opening situations where a loan is the right play, but it will be really hard for you to get a high score if you do? Then click on the vegetable on your cart that you want to use as seed, and then click on the field on which this vegetable should be planted.

During the card phase of each round, players start with 4 cards in hand. Each Helper appears on one card, with the exception of the Trader, who appears on three. You should almost always try to plant as much vegetables as possible, to give yourself a constant and big supply. Players may not partially fill a row that is, only supply 1 vegetable. After this, Nina misses another delivery and must pay the yates of 2 Cash.

How can one reach 20 points in At The Gates of Loyang? – Board & Card Games Stack Exchange

All three vegetables must all be supplied in one Action phase. After playing the squire you can take up to 2 more cards from the Courtyard. Like Agricolaas soon as we started playing Loyangwe kept coming back for more. John activates the Maid and moves her to the Discard pile. So the first game rulees a little distorted. I like these two other games very much, but the shortage of player interaction in Loyang bothers me a little.

Then you can click on the helper that you want to play or discard.

He does not need to trade in vegetables from his Cart. Another minor mistake – when trading vegetables with Market Stalls ggates rowyou need not place the vegetables you are giving onto the card. OR Buy a Casual customer from another player for 2 cash. Combined with the Shopper, you take the 2 vegetables from the Supply rather than from the Shop. I hope I’m not biased by high expectations.


For each Field card on which this vegetable has been planted, you receive 1 cash. Plant all empty private fields each turn to ensure an adequate supply of vegetables. There should be an adequate supply of all components. Sure the cards that come ta are in a different order each game, but there is a small variety of cards and after 1 or 2 games you’ve seen everything.

In order to help with planning you can at any time see the costs for the next four steps on the path of prosperity by moving the mouse over the scoring marker. These are provided by the local farmers, who plant wheat, pumpkins, turnips, cabbages, beans and loyany in their fields.

At the Gates of Loyang

Not from your Home field! If you make the last delivery to that customer, you must pay the owner 2 cash from the proceeds.

A player who uses this card must also take a field. Until it is discarded, she must either deliver to the Regular customer or pay the penalty. The player takes the 3 named vegetables from his Cart, returns them to the Supply, and receives the purchase price: This reduces the gatex of a Two-pack, which he then buys.

Stockpiling helpers for possible later use can end up being dead weight that makes those card picks a waste. Then a confirmation dialog will be displayed which ruls tells you how much the Two-pack would cost. As well as this Regular customer, the player also chooses a card from the Courtyard. Each player is dealt 4 action cards at the beginning.

There is a big variety of helpers, some allowing you to impact other players.