Astral Buoyancy – Aquavest – L/XL – M. Astral CG Approve PFD for Sailing, Paddling, Rowing – Never Used. Astral; Size: ADULT M/L: CHEST 38″”. [color=#FF]Why have they stopped making this jacket? Just wondering if anyone knows the reason. Mine is getting a bit long in the tooth. a little belay loop under the front pouch which is not agood idea to use. I have one and probably should just cut it off. otherwise it’s a great vest.

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Wiegel on the water Offline Grom Boarder. The vest incorporates a belay loop made of spectra webbing. Hi all, i have read several back qauavest about the aquavest.

Could be serious about the R if you are serious about selling it…What year is it — how many seasons?

Astral Aqua-Vest w/extras

The overall construction is rugged with obviously high-quality stitching and fabric. I like the fit and really appreciate the cow-tail holder, and the QR harness.

I suppose the Green Jacket replaced it. The vest also claims to sport extra impact protection on the sides.

Travel Maps Trip Planning Photography. I have paddled the jacket about 10 times now and find it very comfortable. You would probably get more help on sizing from Boatertalk. I’m 6′, lbs with a 34″ waist and a 46″ chest.

Buoyancy Aquavest 300 PFD

The only way I allowed myself the atsral was by getting a pretty good deal from an American friend. No part of this site may be duplicated in any way without explicit permission from Verein Playak.


Had a great time that day! It takes so much time and effort and money to get a new model in production and it had many fans like me it doesn’t make economical sense to have sacked it, not to me anyway.

CJCC, did you paddle the and now use the Green Jacket because then I’d know you were backing up what you said with experience not just speculation I’ll have a look at that Stohlquist just now, thanks! I got the reps number on and info. I really thought it would be “the one.

This is done by turning it upside down and stepping into it. There is no longer a pocket on the sleeve. As a news and information platform, we republish small text snippets and thumbnail images, but always link to original content on other sites, and thus aim to adhere to a ‘Fair Use’ policy. Why not just introduce a new model without sacking the old?

Seems sizing is a bit of an issue for them. Downside is it can be a pain to pull a vest over your head to put it on – tho’ it hasn’t bothered me much yet. Overall, the jacket is well constructed and comfortable if cumbersome to get in and out of.

Profile My Account Create Account. Minimum search word length is 3 characters – maximum search word length is 84 characters. My Astral was new at the beginning of the season. Plan Trips from Outfitters Trips from the Community. I have a 030 fusion no budget for more and it gets a bit loose on my shoulders.


The plastic is necessary to the smooth adjustment of the jacket’s size but you would have to be pretty lucky to have it protect your ribs. In thepulling on the side straps only tightens the side. Qquavest f for fullscreen. It says from 45″” chest size on the Astral site.

Profish Lite Viking Kayaks. Matt, I would love to have awtral Ronin, but the problem is that here it costs half of the minimum salary. I am sure this will come in handy a few times in the future. Everything’s Better When Wet For a astal vest it is wonderfully low profile, allowing unhindered arm movement. Shoot me an Email at [mail address protected from spambots with javascript] with your size and I will see if I got what you need. However, the green jacket is better on every other aspect imo.

You aquaavest have some issues if that happens. And thats a lot of money in Euros. Life is too short to stay inside! Here’s the CKS review, and it makes a few comparisons to the if you are interested.

Why have they stopped making this jacket? The level was about that day. About Advertise Legal Privacy Contact.