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Use of a ring compressor tool over the piston rings is advisable despite the cylinder chamfer. The connecting linkage includes an adjustable shaft which should be set so that the slotted control yoke permits play relative to the solenoid core piece when the solenoid is energized and the fuel flow-rate micrometer is at a typical operating position.

Warning—Wear gloves to protect lapped or polished surfaces that could be etched by body acid if handled with bare fingers. Note the flow-ratemicrometer reading for reference. Waukesha Engine Division Part Numbers or References are included in parenthesis after the items where applicable. Calibration and Engine Qualification The maximum height of the lobe from the base circle is typically 0.

Turn the flow rate micrometer clockwise as viewed from in front of the engine to increase fuel flow shorten the clock time per unit volume. Use of a commercial injector nozzle bench tester is recommended. Analyzed graphically, the respective sample standard deviations were plotted versus cetane number. Resonance in the discharge piping is not a problem as long as the operating engine creates a crankcase vacuum.

Lapped valve seat width must not exceed 0. Turn the injection timing micrometer clockwise as viewed from in front of the engine to decrease the indicated number of degrees of advance. Hg shall be 6 kPa 6 20 psi when read as quickly as possible after shutdown of the engine which had been at standard operating conditions.

Greater detail is available from the engine manufacturer. The bypass valve must remain open for the remainder of the compression pressure check procedure. Each lobe is designed to include a quieting ramp at the beginning and end of the contour change from the base circle diameter. Continued D — 05 A3. Secondary reference fuels are supplied in bulk containers of 5 or 55 U.


The equation for compression ratio, when calculated using cu. A commercial multifunctional water treatment material should be used in the coolant to minimize corrosion and mineral scale that can alter heat transfer and rating results. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the Department of Defense.

It should be ast, at this temperature for a period of at least 30 min and then the container should be thoroughly remixed.

The values given in asgm are the historical inch-pound units for information only.

The valve head shall be recessed at least 0. Fuel flow rate measurement can thus be performed by first filling the flow rate buret from the tank with the selector valve positioned on the tank mark and then positioning the valve between tank marks so that fuel from the buret leg alone supplies the fuel pump.

When the selector valve is positioned so that the pointer is indexed between the fuel tank marks, fuel delivery from the tank is blocked.

In some cases, however, selection of specific sizes or specification criteria are important to achieve the proper conditions for the cetane testing equipment unit. Waukesha Engine also has CFR engine authorized sales and service organizations in selected geographical areas. Spray pattern performance checks shall be made in a hood or where adequate ventilation insures that inhalation of the vapors is avoided. If the unit is placed on an industrial building floor of reinforced concrete approximately mm or 8 in.

ASTM D – Cetane Number – Free Download PDF

The adjustable-length valve push-rods shall be set so that the valve rocker adjusting screws have adequate travel to permit the final clearance setting. Significance and Use 5.

However, the relationship to the performance of d61 materials in full scale engines is not completely understood. Measurement shall be performed accurately because rating error is proportional to blending error.

We need your help to maintenance this website. Piston top above top of cylinder 0. Commercial injector nozzle testers which include a lever-operated pressure wstm, fuel reservoir and pressure gage are available from several sources as common diesel engine maintenance equipment.


Components to be removed include: Check and adjust the thermal switch set point as required.

Connecting Rod Assembly BA The fuel switching shall thus be as illustrated in Fig. Care should be taken not to break any of the rings as they enter the chamfered bore.

Some of d163 settings are established by component specifications, others are established at the time of engine assembly or after overhaul and still others are engine running conditions that must be observed or determined by operator adjustment, or both, during the testing process. Valve Guides, Intake and Exhaust: For more specific warning statements, see Annex A1.

ASTM D613 – Cetane Number

Calculation of Cetane Number Wrench tighten the large handwheel lock nut and recheck that the variable compression plug is properly positioned and the handwheel reading is in accordance with the value in Table 1. Using a feeler gage, measure the piston overtravel or separation of the flat stock above the cylinder surface. Determine this point by several trials noting the flywheel crank angle d163 each to establish an average point.

Handwheel Reading Standard Bore Rebored 0. See Annex A4 for detailed instructions on setting and checking the fuel pump timing. As an example, an engine located where the barometric pressure is mm Hg would be expected to have a compression pressure of approximately kPa 6 d6113 psi.

Warning—Hand tightening of the locking wheel should be adequate if the handwheel mechanism is in proper working order. Restricting the pickup hole by pressing a cloth not paper wiper against the opening will aid in removing any entrained water.

Warning—Lubricating oil is combustible, and its vapor is harmful.