Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Robert A. Heinlein: ”He made footsteps big enough for a Assignment in Eternity – Kindle edition by Robert A. Heinlein. Assignment in Eternity by Robert A. Heinlein; 16 editions; First published in ; Subjects: American Science fiction, Internet Archive Wishlist. Assignment in Eternity, is a collection of four mixed science fiction and fantasy novellas by Robert A. Heinlein, first published in hardcover by Fantasy Press.

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What makes Biblio different?

Great cloak and dagger, political concepts, scene setting, and story telling. Vintage Heinlein at it’s best. Draper,” in the last lines of that story, “I’m going to get married!

Assignment in Eternity | Open Library

Refresh assugnment try again. Collection of four science fiction and science fantasy novellas. Jerry Is a Man. Dust jacket very attractive, with minor edgewear mainly at bottom of spine and a couple of small gouges on back cover, now in clear mylar archival sleeve.

Secret society apparently is the scion of Atlantisand the ancient empire was ruled eterinty persons with pagan deity names. The book contains two short novels, and two short stories. Or the pasted-on love story.

The themes are familiar and I have always admired the way he could write bantering dialogue of the sort good friends use. Octavo standard book size. They aren’t hein,ein extraordinary as these things go, but, none the less, he finds he’s one of a select group of people who can think far more quickly than normal folks, have far greater intelligence, and, at least on a good day, also possess the ability to communicate telepathically.


Assignment In Eternity

Summary Discuss Reviews 0 Assignment in Eternity, is eternjty collection of four mixed science fiction and fantasy novellas by Robert A.

AugustNew American Library.

Heinlein – Signet Books, It also is ahead in looking at Biotech. This page was last edited on 26 Juneat Octavo standard book size. He sees Jerry dressed in a kilt, and momentarily considers trying to get him to play the bagpipe; obviously he’s thinking eternoty trying to make some sort of Scottish connection. It felt a bit like a mixture of Marquis de Sade with Ayn Rand, minus the sadism and realism.

All the stories are great. Funny as hell and highlighting that this GM had a very well developed sense of humor. New English Library, London, They want to train these adepts to bring peace to the world. Heinlein” and hand-numbered of Limited signed Firsts.

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Assignment in Eternity

Showing best matches Show all copies. These 4 heilein are vintage. The four stories are loosely related as speculation on what—that we are not already aware of—makes one a human. A professor teaches a seminar in which he shows students how to use their minds to move through time and probability to anywhere or anywhen.


Assignment in Eternity | Book by Robert A. Heinlein | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

More fun at the expense of “normal” plodders who just can’t accept “miracles”. Though, to be fair, all the soft sciences get hated on, as the middle of “Lost Legacy” has a really bizarre digression about how, in order for the SF-y stuff in the story to work, all of anthropology is clearly wrong.

Heinlein Blackstone Audio, Inc. So she manages to get into the witch’s bedroom, ties her up, and then starts torturing her to get the information.

Light to moderate shelf wear. They do the usual superhero thing of watching out for us less evolved types. Maybe I’ll just leave it that way.

Its protagonist gradually finds himself, for the love of a woman, transformed from guard of the Prophet to a revolutionary and questioning his own most basic beliefs. She brings Jerry, the ape that first caught her attention, home with her she ueinlein stock in the company that created him.