ASRAR E HAQIQI [HAZRAT KHWAJA MOINUDDIN CHISTI] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a very old book written by the great. In this magazine one other magazine Israr-e- Haqiqi by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is also added to the reader’s response to reading many secrets of the. This book, in fact, consists of words written to Khalifa e Khaas of Hazrat Moinuddin, Hazrat Bakhtyar Kaaki Rahmatullah Alaeh, as well a renowned Sufi.

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In his lineage, there were passed away much great and renown pious persons of time and the details of them are mentioned as follows. So, for this reason, I have adopted piety. Piya Rang Kala Read more.

So it asrqr be clear to know that the beginning of the fasting is that the man should able to get the knowledge of Allah gradually. Belief in the four inspired books: To write about this great author is not only difficult, but a very hard task as he was not only a great and pious personality of his 6 time in India but was also a great author of many books.

Because one who will recognize his soul then he will identify his creator. And with this prayer, there will be an available meeting of the friend.


So asrsr the destination of heaven and lahut world lying beyond space and time he was explained him the facts and events of the above places to him.

Umar the remembrance of Khafi hidden and the real prayers are caused of the leaving of the existence. Excepting the fondness of the meeting of manifest what more I would mention in the writing. Guftagu 18 Read more.

The love of the world is the root cause of all evils. At that time his calm haiqqi become no calm and his comfort will become discomfort. Since that time come to know that the Satan is only enemy of me.

Israr E Haqiqi

May Allah grant you health in the both worlds. And the remembrance of Khafi hidden is being done always.

Tariqa Islah Read more. Be worried about the other world.

Guftagu 23 Read more. As there is saying of Allah is as follows. But actually they are in demand of wealth and status in the world. They will run behind the adornment of the world as well as for the lust of sensual and also wander here and there for this haqlqi.

Full text of “Israr e Haqiqi by Moinuddin Chishti”

Sajid Ur rated it really liked it Jul haqqii, We do not concerned with the learned person of the manifest. So their eyes of innermost are enlightened with the light of innermost completely and this group is called the people of Ahle Tariqat people of Mystic way. Don’t keep her away from You.


Imam Musa Kazam Against this, the people of carelessness have determined as health as trouble and for the trouble, they think as health.

This is also not right. This great grace of secret of Allah which will not be given to un-efficient people of the world.

Jaqiqi what is the value of their Islamic creed, prayer and fasting in this matter.? These misleading people are in reality are idol worshippers. These things are becoming the creator of the mankind. But he should think it as a blessing and he should spend it in indigence and starvation and spend his life in humility and modesty. In the both worlds where ever he will see then he will find only His reality there.

Because everything is in the custody of Allah. These cause there veil in between man and his creator.