an ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE Web site (www. ) or from .. , ANSI/ASHRAE , ANSI/ASHRAE ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard User’s Manual: Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems (ASHRAE SP) [Donald L. Fenton, William V. Richards] on . From the editor In a previous newsletter, we discussed the application of ANSI/ ASHRAE. Standard 15, “Safety Standard for. Refrigeration Systems,” to large.

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Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? All such glass columns shall be protected against external damage and properly supported.

Other treatment systems that meet the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction. Section 7 — Changes were made to the requirements for flammable refrigerants. References in this standard are 1-2001 in the order in which they appear in the document, so the numbers for the informative references are shown for the convenience of the user.

The distinction is based on the basic design or location of the components. Detector salarm sand mechanical ventilating systems shall be tested in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and the requirements of the jurisdiction having authority. No enclosures shall be required for connections between a condensing unit and the nearest protected riser if such connections are not longer than 6.

Alarms set at other levels such as IDLH and automatic reset alarms are permitted in addition to those required by this section.

Interpretations To Standard 15-2001

Containers used for refrigerants withdrawn from a refrigerating system stxndard be as prescribed in the pertinent regulations of the Department of Transportation and shall be carefully weighed each time they are used for this purpose, and containers shall not be filled in excess of the permissible filling weight.

The area of the header or riser and the diffuser inlet shall be equal to the sum of the areas of all of the relief valve vent lines and emergency discharge lines feeding it. Water supply and discharge connections shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.


Systems that have a refrigerant pumpout function capable of storing the entire refrigerant charge, or are equipped with the provisions for pumpout of the refrigerant, or self-contained systems. The discharge capacity of the relief device is sttandard to be the minimum regulated flow rate of the compressor when the following conditions are met: Refrigerant pipe joints erected on the premises shall be exposed to view for visual inspection prior to being covered or enclosed.

A single relief valve is permitted on pressure vessels of 10 ft3 0.

ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard User’s Manual : William V. Richards :

Operation conditions are defined in 9. Knebel, Vice-Chair James D. Through its Handbook, appropriate chapters will contain up-to-date standards and design considerations as the material is systematically revised.

Low-Stage or Booster Compressors: Presence of refrigerant above the TLV-TWA does not by itself signal an emergency; many routine service operations can create such levels. Pressure-relief valves shall start to function at a pressure not to exceed the design pressure standadd the parts of the system protected. B12 Ammonia Flares Systems for reducing the ammonia to nitrogen and water by burning shall be approved by the jurisdictional authority.

Access doors and panels in ductwork and air-handling units shall be gasketed and tight fitting. stqndard

Interpretations To Standard

If supplemental background documents to support changes submitted are included, it is preferred that they also be in electronic form as wordprocessed or scanned documents. Submit e-mail or disks containing change proposal files to: I hereby attest that I have the authority and am empowered to grant this copyright release. A part of the refrigerating machinery room mechanical ventilation shall be a operated, when occupied, to supply at least 0.


Visit our Help Pages. The following instructions apply to change proposals submitted in electronic form.

Vessels having an internal or external design pressure of 15 psig The shaded item has been added since the previously published errata sheet dated January 31, was distributed. The test pressure applied to the lowside of each factory-assembled refrigerating system shall be at least equal to the design pressure of the lowside. To correct for height, h mkmabove sea level, multiply these values by 1 — 7.

Reference 6 is mandatory for designers, manufacturers, and producers of refrigeration equipment. Restrictions on Refrigerant Use, Installation Restrictions. Note that donning respiratory protection is a last-resort option under most ashhrae hygiene regimens; it is preferable to provide engineering controls to reduce refrigerant concentrations to tolerable ztandard.

If the level exceeds the IDLH or standarx problem seems uncontrolled in the sense that it may unpredictably worsen or require a team of technicians to fix, they are to leave and call for emergency responders. A clear and unobstructed approach and space stsndard be provided for inspection, service, azhrae emergency shutdown of condensing units, compressor units, condensers, stop valves, and other serviceable components of refrigerating machinery.

Drying is not required in order to use recycled refrigerants where water is the refrigerant, or is used as an absorbent, or is a deliberate additive. Pressure vessels shall be tested in accordance with 9. For the purpose of applying Tables 1 and 2, a refrigerating system shall be classified according to the degree of probability that a leakage of refrigerant will enter an occupancy-classified area as follows. B types K or L or B

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