So WotC allowed the makers of ‘Ashes of Athas’ to make it available. So, a while ago, I was told that there once existed a particular “Living Athas” campaign, called “Ashes of Athas”. Being the diligent researcher I. From publisher blurb: Ashes of Athas is a continuing 4e D&D campaign set in the world of the Dark Sun campaign setting. PCs will take up the mantle of heroism.

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PCs will take up the mantle ahas heroism in a grim world where simple survival cannot be taken for granted. After the sessions are done, the organizers always have an appreciation ceremony for the GMs, and I managed to pick up a free copy of Masksa book of NPC ideas from Gnome Stew.

Ashes of Athas

So, a while ago, I was told that there once existed a particular “Living Athas” campaign, called “Ashes of Athas”. This is very cool. This page does not exist. Dark Sun is about the struggle for survival in a dying world ruled by tyrant sorcerer-kings.

4E Ashes of Athas DarkSun Campaign now available!

Thanks for distributing them. Various Rulesets Dnd 2. Cue several sleepless nights poring over the print This. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Sending out the e-mails isn’t too bad.

Seven slots, seven different games. Alphastream on Making Confrontation at Candlekeep Interactive. Permission to distribute the adventures is granted by Wizards of the Coast and we are supremely thankful for their support. The Asyes has to be able to make up all kinds of stuff on the fly, and our GM definitely did not disappoint.


I had prepped my two sessions a couple of days before the convention and had thoroughly read one of them, but I had to finish reading the second during the hour-long break between sessions.

Ashes of Athas (4e conversion) : DarkSun

I figured that was the end of it. No Web Links Found. This way, death was still part of your experience and your narrative, rather than an abrupt end followed by a new beginning. The party fought well, though, grabbed the Shield and got out of there, leaving the beholder alive as ashed parties have done. I don’t suppose it would hurt, although I’d preferred people went through the devs hence my link in the OP.

I arrived just before the start time and discovered that the mount for my projector had popped off.

The Burnt World of Athas

Skimming through most of the material, I have to say that it’s an interesting setting, with meaningful choices and focused more on survival than epic adventuring. The Denver Gamers Association puts on two conventions each year: It is a world where magic drains the very essence of life. Like, crack-cocaine level of Athasian roleplaying dope.

Want to add to the discussion? Thursday, 3rd June, Adventures are sent out once I get several requests, distributed in e-mails sent over several days.

My afternoon game had a great table of players, a number of whom I had DMed for at past conventions in a couple of cases, with the same characters.


GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: A biker gang in Cheeseman Park that was seeking an item called The Devil Rose in order to summon the devil to serve them A group of metaphysical book shop owners who were focused on cleaning up the Cherry Creek Reservoir where occult groups would dump bodies and wanted to find the Cagliostro Seal, which would allow them to unleash nature and destroy civilization A group tahas LGBT activists who maintained Elitch Gardens amusement park as occult neutral ground.

We had some great laughs at this table, and it was good to end the convention on a high note.

Each adventure had a handout called the Death Certificate. You can edit this page to create it. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Getting periodic comments like the ones above is easily enough recompense for the minor work. In one adventure, dealing with aarakocra, an aarakocra scout was watching you. The fight against the orc leader in the end was only so-so; I still need to work on making him more interesting.

Have any Redditors here played Ashes of Athas? The players did some creative thinking during a skill challenge, and the combats were super-interesting and very well balanced.

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