English is the official language for technical documentation in the aerospace and defense industries. However, many end-users are confused. Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE Issue 6. Highlights. Page HI Highlights. This Issue 6 of the specification replaces all previous issues. ASD-STE Simplified Technical English extends the concepts of plain English. ASD-STE brings engineering rigour to the English.

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In the late 70s, the European aerospace and defense industry was asked to improve the clarity and readability of their maintenance documentation. To help with this, there are various tools you can install as plugins in your authoring environment.

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Shufrans TechDocs » What is ASD-STE Simplified Technical English?

STE was developed to help the readers of English-language documentation understand what they read, particularly when these readers are non-native English speakers. The adjective “close” appears in the Dictionary as an unapproved word with the suggested approved alternative “near”. The dictionary includes entries of both approved and unapproved words. This standard is released every 3 years. Achieve consistency across all asd-st1e00 types by aligning people and documentation strategies on a global scale.

Given the abundance of these terms they can comprise more than half the words in your dictionarybuilding out your own dictionary to supplement the STE dictionary is essential.

Kasier provides this before and after the sentence:. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. These benefits should not be overlooked as products and their accompanying documentation are increasingly shipped to many countries worldwide where English is not the main language used. This section does not cite any sources. For example, even the U. Retrieved from ” https: Etteplan, a technical services company based in Europe, Asia and North America, offers a plugin called HyperSTE that integrates with most help authoring tools.


Abercraf Cardiff Gower Port Talbot. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It includes a set of approximately 66 technical writing rules and a basic general vocabulary dictionary of approximately approved words for writing technical documentation. In addition to basic STE vocabulary listed in the Dictionary, Section 1, Wordsgives explicit guidelines for adding technical names and technical verbs that writers need to describe technical information.

For example, the word “close” can only be used in one of two meanings:. Text based on Simplified Technical English is also cheaper and faster to translate. It also contains a dictionary of approx. The dictionary includes around words, and the writing rules have about 65 different grammar rules.

The more I try to refine content, the blinder I become to it. Over 3, copies of Issue 6 of the specification were distributed. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. English portal Constructed languages portal. Using tools to assist with writing I write a lot — both at work at and on this blog. Which is easier to read?

ASD-STE100, Simplified Technical English for aerospace and defense

For other simplified forms of Sijplified, see Simple English. STE consists of a dictionary of about allowed words and a set of 65 writing rules. Issue 7 of the specification fully asr-ste100 all previous issues and revisions.

Together, the dictionary and writing rules help writers produce clear and consistent documentation. Our customised STE training solutions that range from one to three training days will help you expand your knowledge of the fundamental principles of documentation managementas well as highlight the importance of Simplified Technical English writing rules and terminology management to help you capitalise on your existing legacy documentation and translation memory databases.


Fall could refer to a season, a decline, or about 10 other meanings.

STE helps to make technical documentation easy to understand by standardising vocabularygrammar and stylewhile letting users control their specific terminology. The oil is poisonous. Although it was not intended for use as a general writing standard, it has been successfully adopted by other industries and for a wide range of document types. Although Simplified Technical English originates from the aerospace and defence industries, it can easily be customised and applied to any other industry, including machinery, automotive, electronics, IT and medical equipment.

But I would absolutely welcome more tools to aid in identifying problem areas. Mostly, I rely on my own judgment to identify poor constructions, grammar errors, typos, and style issues. Users of your documentation will benefit from higher translation qualityand englixh become a thing of the past.

Technidal linguistic-based checker uses a sophisticated rule English grammar and parser, which is augmented with special functions that check for violations of the Simplified English standard.

Simplified Technical English – Wikipedia

Northern Ireland Scotland Scottish Highlands. There were also European airlines that had to translate parts of their maintenance documentation into other languages for their local mechanics. In the absence of third-party endorsement or published scientific studies, aasd-ste100 claims should be considered unconfirmed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Today, the success of STE is such that other industries use it beyond its original intended purpose of aerospace maintenance documentation.

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