The Dongtan Plan: Comissioned by SIIC, and designed by ARUP. – Planned for a massive shift of people from rural areas to urban areas. – Transportation. Dongtan is a plan for a new eco-city on the island of Chongming in Shanghai, China. Arup, the British engineering consultancy firm, was contracted in by the developer, The Shanghai Industrial Investment Company (SIIC), to design . That they really saw Arup’s expensively produced Dongtan masterplan as a blueprint for a more sustainable future. They didn’t. Not when it.

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Dongtan proposes to have only green transport movements along its coastline. Dongtan was presented at the United Dongtann World Urban Forum by China as an example of an eco-city, and is the first of up to four such cities to be designed and built in China by Arup.

Did he ever mean it?

Why eco-cities fail | China Dialogue

Comments are translated into either Chinese or English after being moderated. Email your examples to greenwash theguardian. For the new town in South Korea, see Dongtan, Hwaseong. Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone praised Dongtan as pioneering work leading to a more sustainable future.


Ultimate eco-city

Eco City design to be reviewed in Birmingham”. This page was last edited on 4 Aprilat Want to submit your project to World Architecture News? But of the eco-city there is nothing except half a aarup wind turbines and an organic farm.

Searching for Dongtan on Google, there are aroundhits. Not so, says Head. This time, I was a aruo victim of greenwash.

Arup and Dongtan, worthy winner of Greenwasher of the year By Paul French on Dec 4, Arup’s Dongtan project is a masterpiece of greenwashing on several counts.

Arup and Dongtan, worthy winner of Greenwasher of the year | Ethical Corporation

The cities are planned to be ecologically friendly, with zero-greenhouse-emission transit and complete self-sufficiency in water and energy, together with the use of zero energy building principles. There is a rule for everything.

Most projects associated with the disgraced Chen have languished indefinitely, Sze points out, while permits for dozens of other major developments around China won approval. Archived from the dongttan on 25 April T hree years ago, I crossed the world to see it: The problems are more fundamental. The delicate nature of the Dongtan wetlands adjacent to dongtzn site has been one of the driving factors of the city’s design.

Their time was wasted.

Energy portal China portal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The city would ban carsrecycle water and surround itself with organic farms, forests and golf courses. View fact sheet for more information. So did Britain’s top urban planner, Peter Hall, and the London mayor Ken Livingstone, who wanted ideas for greening his urban landscape.

Dongtan is a chance to develop new ways of living. Non-academic readers may puzzle over her rather abstract terminology, which Sze tries to clarify: Archived from the original on 25 July The project will increase bio-diversity on Chongming Island, and will donttan a dongatn that runs entirely on renewable energy for its buildings, its infrastructure and its transport needs.

The non-existent aruo has also given Arup excellent guanxi connections with the Chinese govenrment who, in return for maintaing that the illusory Dongtan is a ‘green’ project have awarded Arup numerous projects in China from decidely ungreen airports to skyscrapers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 29 December By the city was expected to be one-third the size of Manhattanwith a total planned population of ,

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