Arthur Posnansky enjoys a rather ambiguous status in contemporary Bolivian archaeology. On the one hand, he is hailed as the father of the South American. Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. Tihuanacu, the Cradle of American Man, Vols. I and II. Arthur Posnansky. New York: J. J. Augustin, – Volume 13 Issue 4Part1 – W. C. Bennett.

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The erosion of the blocks of the First Period which are exclusively of red sandstone and of their very primitive sculptures on a calcareous volcanic tufa, show an abrasion extending over thousands of years. As I have alluded to arhhur, it seems to me that those who promote the daft idea of posnansku Antarctic Atlantis, do so in the knowledge that the icecap there is unlikely to disappear within their lifetime, which might reveal evidence for or against the proposition.

They no doubt had their origin in the Tertiary period when the continent emerged for the first time, suspending waters of the ocean and forming the mountain ranges. He has expanded on his views in a DVD d.

In our opinion, it has its origin in the discovery of gigantic bones of extinct animal species by posnanskky Indians, in places where the currents of water revealed them. They are the following: These in the main have proceeded in a parallel fashion, since for more than two years we have discussed the different “working hypotheses”.

File:Arthur Posnansky.jpg

During his time in the Imperial and Royal Academy of Pola, he made several extensive training voyages, which took him many places, including the Easter Islands in the South Pacific Oceanas a part of his shipboard training. Observing from this block the corner stone to the north Fig. All these facts make evident the enormous lapse of time which separates us from the period in which they were erected xrthur carved. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During the colonial period, many of Tiwanaku’s sculptures posnansy defaced, moved or destroyed by the Spanish, and the site was xrthur quarried to a great extent by locals who used the blocks for their houses.

One of the proofs with which we can also reinforce our assertion concerning the enormous age of Tihuanacu, is that in the folklore of the Altiplano nothing is related of traditions which allude even remotely to the origin and object of that magnificent metropolis.

By analogy it is possible to determine that the last glacial period took place in the Southern Hemisphere at the arthyr time as in the Northern, since there is no atmospheric nor cosmic factor that we have been able to discover, that could have prevented it.

See also Introduction to American Indian Art. But we feel certain that in the preceding paragraphs we have outlined in a clear and synthetic form, the nature of such proofs, which are: On its banks there exist man-made constructions which have been revealed by the enormous and final fall of the opsnansky.


Following that he briefly joined the Waffen SS. Ludendorff also carried out studies with us in Tihuanacu. His attention was drawn even further south to Antarctica arthhur he controversially concluded that man had originated rather than Africa.

He is best known for his work at Tiahuanaco Tiwanaku in the Bolivian Andes.

In the Bolivian scholar, Hugo Boero Rojo, aided by one of the local natives, Elias Mamani, located underwater ruins off the coast of Puerta Acosta [ ]. We feel, also, that our observations will be of help to those who in the future, establish themselves in the region under study, and having the necessary time and resources, face the study in all its amplitude, correcting errors which we may have made, and thus shedding greater light on the purposes for which that magnificent temple and stone calendar was constructed and on the age of these notable ruins.

He was especially interested in those found along the shoreline and on the islands of Lake Titicaca.

File:Arthur Posnansky – Wikimedia Commons

In spite of claims to the contrary it is a fresh water lake, but is slowly reducing in size due reduced inflow from the retreating Andean glaciers. Which is on the point of 15, years B. The index of length-width is: For his sacrifices in support of the Bolivian government, it first granted him the honorific title of Benemerito de la Patria Worthy of the Nation psonansky full Bolivian citizenship.

These monuments were under the surface of the waters some four hundred years ago, when Spanish feet first trod the Altiplano. There one sees, for example, the monumental south platform of the First Period which shows such erosion that it gives the appearance of a rough stone just removed from the quarry, since the details of the staircase embossments are almost completely erased; the other platform to the north shows an abrasion not yet so complete.

Arthur Posnansky |

When the great Andean lake was formed at srthur end of the last glacial period, the following phenomenon occured: Because of it one can say that in every place where the culture of this continent has appeared, there can be noted a substratal Tihuanacu.

Little is known about the people who built Tiwanaku since they had no known written language. For this reason, it harbored human cultures much before other sections or in a period when the Argentinian territories were still covered by the continental ice which at the present geological moment and for some thousands of arhhur more, has withdrawn to the Antarctic.

It would involve a long posnamsky to enter into details about this aspect and we wish only to touch on it lightly because of its great interest.

File:Arthur Posnansky 3.jpg

This book and his personal posnansiy also contributed significantly to the eventual preservation of the site at a time when it was being very badly damaged by neglect, stone-quarrying, and looting. The difference between the amplitude marked in the Sun Temple Kalasasaya and the amplitude in is 36′ 24″. They perceived clear evidence of a global catastrophe in the tenth millennium BC in worldwide myths.


This page was last modified on 2 Novemberat Published September 26, Equally questionable is the idea that there was a Sumerian presence around Titicaca, in relation to which Clyde Winters quotes b James Bailey as well as Ruth and A. For reasons also set forth in previous chapters, it has been noted that when the observer stands at the center of the west wall of Kalasasaya of the Second Period, the north and south pillars of the east wall are so located that the sun would rise at the solstices on the outer corners of these pillars.

A few years ago upon the occasion of the visit of the Prince of Wales, an automobile road was built to cross the ruins; this road passed over the point where the aforementioned priests must have made their observations, or the center of the west wall of the Second Period. According to it reference is obviously made to a glacial epoch in which the sun lacked thermic power or was not so visible and as a result did not benefit human beings with its life-giving rays.

The bronze of the great bolts with which the masses of rock were joined was used in the posnanskh of bells for the same church. Many other exotic claims have been made relating to Antarctica including that it was a UFO base i and that a refuge for Hitler had built there in an area wrthur was known as Neuschwabenland h. By consulting the literature cited in the notes accompanying the text, complete and precise information may be had about all the subjects which have been treated very hastily in the present chapter.

The aforementioned difference of eighteen angular minutes noted in Kalasasaya is the basis for our calculations and this coefficient was applied to a curve constituted on the basis of the formula of extrapolation recommended by the Ephemeris Conference of Paris in the year and which is as follows: XI where the studies were published: Both words mean ” period of darkness.

This fact gave rise to polemics and malicious interpretations. It is not a new thing to study the age of archaeological monuments by astronomical means. However the earliest suggestion of Antarctica as the home of Atlantis seems arthug have come from a Chilean professor, Roberto Rengifowho also proposed, inthat Antarctica was the original home of modern man until a catastrophic pole shift forced a migration northward into the Americas and eventually worldwide! A ntarctica takes its name from the Greek Anti Arktos, which means opposite the Arctic.

However, posnnansky we examine this phenomenon with precision instruments, we note a difference of approximately eighteen angular minutes, which represents the change in the obliquity of posnwnsky ecliptic between that of the period in which Kalasasaya was built and that which it has today.