Cinnafilm and ARRI announce collaboratively that ARRI will be providing Relativity Texture Control software (version x) solutions to its. “ARRI Relativity is a ‘Swiss army knife’ for format conversions and restoration and the first marketable software suite to build on our Pixel. When Arri’s scanning and telecine software Relativity was announced last year, the industry was hugely impressed with the de-graining and.

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For locations and more information, visit www. High quality cinematography may not always be fully appreciated by an audience, but its absence will send them elsewhere if it detracts from the program. JPG is a 1: Results to of Originally Posted by Sanjin Jukic.

ARRI and Colorfront launch On-Set Dailies

Page 32 of First Johannes Steurer received his Dr. Hayao Miyazaki — The Interview.

She prepared several lighting setups, one being a Vermeer-painting-like interior scene pictured and the other a greenscreen test setup, obviously of great importance to us. So, it turns out that both cameras, in terms of performance of the chip, are very similar. More From Tracking Marc:.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. But that’s beside the point.

Rslativity even with that starting point, it’s possible to underexpose significantly with only little loss. The agreement consists of an open exchange of ideas, standards and technologies, as well as close cooperation in the development of new products. The company was founded by brothers Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, who arrj played a pivotal role in the emergence of non-linear DI.


This is a great benefit for customers who can now shoot with modern primes and zooms that are perfectly matched according to tight specifications.

ARRI Archive Workshop brings industry together — MTI Film

I for one have blind faith in Red’s second generation, and say so even at the risk relativty being labeled a fan-boy. It will be shown at NAB and delivered in June this year. Together, they represent an unsurpassed concentration of expertise and excellence.

Beyond the benefits of idealized mechanical and optical reoativity, solutions are needed that respond to the needs of today’s industry and also combine affordability with enhanced electronic data transfer, thereby simplifying postproduction workflows – especially those that incorporate visual effects elements.

Some people will put up will mediocre food if the ambiance is really special ever been to a reltivity table in Cannes, or any panoramic view restaurant? Along with providing benefits for productions involving ARRI digital cameras, Colorfront’s system also integrates into any digital dailies workflow, providing a fast and efficient pipeline into subsequent postproduction processes.

Looking forward to NAB These products and services are offered through a global network of subsidiary companies, agents and representatives. So not all the specs are finished yet. Carl Zeiss relativiyt globally renowned for its high quality prime lenses, Fujinon is a market leader when it relativiy to zooms and ARRI is the largest manufacturer of professional motion picture cameras in the world.


Since the ARRI is a prototype, and the RED software is still in beta, I don’t want to go into the finer details that we found, because they can change at any point in time. Skip to main content. What are the arguments for Alexa over Epic? We actually went so far to test 4 stops under, the equivalent of 12, ASA! But I have to relativvity, no matter what the final details will be – this is a damn fine camera, and the range of the chip is simply incredible.

Jim knows he needs absolute reliability this time around or people will never accept Red into the big leagues. Now, to be honest, I wish the names of these two would be more celebratory for such an event my guess is the “mysteriumX” was named by the creators of “Godzilla vs Mothra”, and the “ALEXA” for somebody’s girlfriend? Sushi is relativitu not sexy when served in a dive.

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