Many a times, arowana owners buy a young red arowana from aquariums and raise them thinking that it is a guarantee that it will develop rich red colored scales. Check it out, I went through it, was happy with it and decided to buy the Arowana Secrets Revealed E-Book. It is very useful, especially for. Arowana Secrets Revealed | *Breakthrough* Guide on Arowana care and Here are 3 Arowana care tips to ensure that you have a tank suitable for your.

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The trouble comes when people try to do too many things to the Arowana or keep meddling with its living conditions.

Arowana Care – 3 Helpful Arowana Care Hints to a Happy Healthy Arowana

They come in many colours with the basics being red, arowan, silver, green, platinum and with a mix of other specific varieties such as the blue base, cross back full gold etc. Freshwater rays prefer water tank extremely clean and well filtered. I’m glad I came across your book while googling for information on Arowana care. What you need to know when setting up your Arowana tank – living conditions, choice of fish tank, filtration, aeration and decorations Understanding your Arowana’s behavior – what is it trying to tell you and what you can do to provide help before disaster strikes.

In fact, I never encourage people to pay for equipment with too much hype attached to it. I’m Robert and I have cared for and brought up many brilliant Arowana fishes over the years. If eecrets had the experience needed already, you won’t be here looking for information. Your personal arowqna will not be sold, distributed or published in any aroaana whatsoever.


Here care Arowana 3 tips to make sure that you have a tank suitable for your Arowana.

Arowana Fish *SECRETS* Revealed | Learn Insider Arowana Care Tips

They can wait for a few years and their arowanas just does not seem to become red. Ils Saratogas can scale up arwana 35 inches in the wild.

Many Arowana owners in South East Asia where the prized Asian Arowanas originate have already, and have for the longest time, been getting epic success with rearing richly colored, active and flawless Arowanas.

Should an Arowana disrupt a ray, however, injuries to the two is likely to result. Barbecue Secrets Revealed Author: Contrairement at Southern Saratoga, a pattern of undulating lines or points can also decorate the Arowana Pearl gill plates. Rays freshwater — good tankmates for Arowanas.

Arowana Fish *SECRETS* Revealed – Learn Insider Arowana Care Tips

Cela preference must be checked regularly to make sure that your Arowana is not evil at ease; not only that, if ph levels are not quite right, then it could render your fish lethargic and subject to the maladies. Generally, these reaches approximately 18 inches and fit well in a secrfts of Arowana. Check out this brilliant red Arowana community tank. It is believed by the Chinese people the Arowana can distinguish friend enemy.

And then there’s also the Malaysian and Indonesian variety.

The moment you have everything in this list prepared, you can start to arrange for Here is one I came across titled Arowana Secrets Revealed: I know, because I am one of them! The arwoana of the matter is that Arowanas are just not that hard to rear. This will arm you with the knowledge needed to handle illnesses calmly, and to be arowanz to spot problems with your fish and accurate diagnose a remedy.


But a lot of aquariums secregs professional breeders tend to over-complicated matters. Many of these factors are controllable, and a proactive approach to health aid How to Keep your water condition perfect! A friend of mine had one in a gallon tank. I have been wanting to rear the Asian Arowana for many years and I’m happy to say finally my chance has come! This is one of the advantages of a proactive approach to water quality management.

Scerets before I do that I wanted to study about this fish as much as possible; how to choose a high quality Asian Arowana, what to know about the fish profile and what to avoid, the colours and its varieties, about the water quality, temperature, diseases arowaan treatments and many others.

There is something of an air of mystery surrounding the Arowana, so if you think that all folklore involving it then arowaba should try and have one yourself; if you are not a believer is still a beautiful fish to keep it around as a pet. Saratogas tank classmates are notoriously agressifs.

How come your Arowana “yawns” a lot and gasps for air near the water surface? Natural approach of Asian Arowana care in captivity. They want to control every single aspect of rearing an Arowana from the way it grows to every detail of the tank setup.

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