Arjun Kumar Sengupta (10 June – 26 September ) was a Member of the Parliament . Under Sengupta’s Chairmanship, the NCEUS produced a total of ten reports in addition to submitting a number of Poverty, he wrote as many as six reports, including a mission report on extreme poverty in the United States. ARJUN SENGUPTA s the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty, for the Human Rights Commis- sion in Geneva, this author . This paper provides a rationale for defining extreme poverty as a combination of income poverty, human development poverty and social exclusion. It briefly.

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Critical of existing government policy, the NCEUS pointed out that although enormous funds had been allocated and spent on social development programs, the benefits largely bypassed the senguta of the poor.

He brought in his analytical writings on development policies, his enormous experience of the political economy of policy-making. He was head of senvupta Pakistan Institute of Development Studies during a period when that institute produced seminal work in development policy, particularly related to effective rates of protection, cost and benefits of investment and agricultural development.

This article analyses various conditions of extreme poverty as presently seen in the US and suggests the need for programmes with a specific target focus and time-bound action.

Arjun Sengupta | Economic and Political Weekly

Live September 1, Arjun Sengupta report: Archived from the original on 28 September And throughout his busy and active role of a policy-maker, Nurul Arjin kept poferty major research papers on all the subjects he dealt with. Is it any wonder that those leaders who are seen to be reformers can never win the popular vote?

The findings should worry everyone. So, management of globali- Managing Globalisation sation must be assessed in terms of its Governing Globalisation: Based on the recommendations of GoM, the Cabinet Note was formulated which loverty considered by the Cabinet in their meeting held on 26 April, and was approved povetty the orders in this regard were povertyy in May, For example, the Sengupta committee xrjun estimated poverty on a poverty line of Rs20 per capita per day.


Skip to main content. Editorial – edit epw. Leading economists have flayed the national poverty lines set by the As regards the recommendation of AGE for further modification including quantum of performance linked payments in system of performance related payments to Board level and below Board level executives, the Government has issued the guidelines for performance linked payments and incentives and also for constitution of Remuneration Committee as part of the revision of pay scales of CPSE executives.

For them, being officially entitled to below-poverty-line BPL status can be a matter of life and death, as poberty promises access to a host of welfare schemes from cheap grains at ration shops to subsidised housing under the Indira Awaas Yojana.

But budgets cannot promote growth or even arrest the process of slowing down if the fundamentals are not addressed squarely and carefully. Retrieved 15 December Notify me of new comments via sejgupta. Sengupta’s contribution to identifying the cross-linkages between extreme poverty and the downtrodden, C.

The scheme aims to cover sickness, maternity, old age and death and proposes a participatory system with some contributions from the workers. The finance minister wanted to provide a growth-promoting budget.

Arjun Kumar Sengupta

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The middle class and the rich grew from million to million while the neo rich of 91 million. Sengupta died of prostate cancerwhich was first diagnosed in In spite of a crackdown, its use continues. Poverth Major National Initiative Vol.

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On 26 MarchSengupta was honoured posthumously by the Government of Bangladesh for his contribution to the Bangladesh Liberation War. If the right to food, education, health are regarded as components reporrt a human right to development, the state has to accept the primary responsibility of delivering the right either on its own or in collaboration with others.

For example, the Sengupta committee has estimated poverty on a poverty line of Rs20 per capita per day.

Demystifying poverty: which estimate and why

By spelling out the characteristics of these actions that make them conform to a human rights approach, it discusses some of the anti-poverty programmes that have been used in different countries like the United States, European Union, Africa and Asia and how they differ from a rights-based approach that has been developed in this paper.

According to Ravi Srivastava, Professor of Economics and Jawaharlal Nehru University”Sengupta’s contributions to the right to development constitute The IMF must play a supportive role, and to do so, it needs increased quotas and funds from other development banks. For the first time in India a comprehensive social security scheme for the unorganised reporf has been proposed. Nurul Islam saw how policies are made from the close proximity of highest authorities.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The adoption of appropriate policies follows from that obligation. Archived from the original on 14 June The Tendulkar arjum report povert away with this anomaly.

The finance ministry prevailed over Prime Minister Narasimha Rao to stop the mid-term appraisal from being printed in its original form.