During the Fall of Archigram member Dennis Crompton made a tour of five schools of architecture in . Published in Archigram Magazine Issue 9 (as top). The project was run by EXP, an architectural research group at the University of Westminster. Archigram Began Life as a Magazine produced at. This document was Archigram 1, the first issue of a magazine – if a single sheet can be called that – that was to grow in pagination and.

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The whole endeavor is intended to eventually atchigram on leaving behind advanced technology hook-ups. Just like the cities they present, their visualisations are made of bits and pieces from different styles and sources; they are cut and pasted and assembled in fluid layouts.

The nine issues of Archigram maintain the style of these conversations by collecting diverging views and juxtaposing alternative proposals for the future.

The world according to Archigram

They were more open-minded, more willing to learn from, for example, the lesser-known expressionist architects of s Germany, rather than the canonical works of Bauhaus. We liked Americana… it went with the movies. It provides a new agenda where nomadism is the dominant social force; where time, exchange and metamorphosis replace stasis; where consumption, lifestyle and transience become the programme; and where the public realm is an electronic surface enclosing the globe —David Greene [5].

It has become a motif. Here, Peter Cook, Mike Webb, David Greene and others engaged in debates about architecture, and thought of a publication to combine their ideas and communicate them to a broader audience.

They used to buy Ivy League type suits and smoke American cigarettes… before they went to America. The South bank Centre in Londonon which Crompton, Herron and Chalk played leading roles, embodies many of their ideas. What it did prove to me at the end is: Someone might be talking about powder puffs, or cranes, or enviro-pills.


I am conscious of the nose motif. They are now more concerned with the infiltration of technology into magazune environment at a much archigraj obvious level”. As a starting point: Yesterday we were chatting with Brett Steele about how important the storytelling behind the projects have become.

Cook has delivered buildings, such as a bright blue blob of a drawing school in Bournemouthin which the curvy, organic shapes from the pages of the Archigram magazine become reality.

More significant is their influence, which has filtered through their teaching into generations of students, and through their publications and exhibitions into the practice of architecture.


Before that, Archigram was a formation of two sub-groups getting together to talk to each other. Show 25 25 50 Archigfam. It had maybe borrowed iconography, but the proposition is totally architectural, totally organizational.

He was born in Southend-on-Sea and studied in Bournemouth; Crompton was born in Blackpool and studied in Manchester; Greene was raised and educated in Nottingham.

Sixpack France dedicated their Summer Spring Collection to this movement. It has magazien a motif! If you are pushed into a historical box, it is safe; you are not going to threaten the real world. With its bold use of comic book and general science fiction imagery, it also became an inevitable presence in any recount of the occasionally close encounters of architecture and the graphic narrative, as well as a stimulus for the use of the latter in the s and 70s visionary architectural scene.

It gave arfhigram great pleasure that the borrowing from comics would upset the normal architect.

The pods were independent, yet parasitic as they could ‘plug into’ way stations to exchange occupants or replenish resources. However, at some point I spent a nice amount of time tracking down the comics Warren used in his collage and all come from American pulps, such as Mystery in Space or Out of This World. Richard Hamilton was an interesting guy. Topics Architecture The Observer. By the early s the strategy of the group had changed.

I magzzine, I know, that was probably partly why.

At a very early stage, during the competition stage, I introduced cartoons of people doing things in the internal spaces, and then, in the Australian project, I did many more cartoons. Other projects [ edit ] Tuned City, in which Archigram’s infrastructural and spatial additions attach themselves to an existing town at a percentage that leaves evidence of the previous development, rather than subsuming the whole. It went to Philip Johnson and others.


The Archigram Archival Project | Interactive Architecture Lab

Now, it will be literally worth its small weight in gold, or more, for this flimsy tablet of stone, this home-made harbinger of a technological future, is rare and collectible.

Similarly with Archigramwhose vivid collages gave form and voice to a generation impatient with the dry prescriptions of archigrsm modernists. This site uses cookies. He knew a bit more than I did about what to look for. The Appealing picture is a collage nagazine of magazines and it shows a very conventional, even cheap looking, living room.

Largely his initiative, he gathered all these comics together. Greene, a quieter and more subtle thinker than Cook, realises this well himself: It happened that Reyner Banham saw the third one, and he took [Archigram] 4 with him to America. Image courtesy of Peter Cook.

I think we printed a thousand [copies of the first issue] but we had archigfam in selling more than a hundred, and that was mostly to friends. It was an exciting period full of experimentation, bright colours, casual sex; it was the spirit of that period.

Of course, images migrate and it is impossible to establish what influenced what, or arrived at the same conclusion through a different path.

Committed to a ‘high tech’, light weight, infra-structural approach that was focused towards survival technology, the group experimented with modular technology, mobility through the environment, space capsules and mass-consumer imagery. Yeah, you could say that.