Hello, Does anyone have a copy fo the APSP Builders Manual that would be willing to share some info from it? I am looking for info for building. Pool and Spa Construction Course (PSCC) Introduction This online self-paced course takes you through the APSP Builders Manual and gives you what you. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) has confirmed the and the release of the fourth edition of the APSP Builders Manual.

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Our inventory includes a diverse product range from construction materials, replacement parts, and fencing to pool care products and spas. Minimum requirements for eligibility include 5 years industry experience and 24 hours of continuing education credit from the past 3 years. In order to participate in this course, the attendee must have already received a Certified Building Professional or Certified Service Professional designation. Geared towards professionals with at least two years of experience, this course will cover the key concepts and best practices found in the APSP Service Tech Manual, specifically hydraulics, water quality, troubleshooting, and repair.

POOLCORP is taking strides towards reducing our carbon footprint, providing product choices that allow our customers to reduce their environmental impact, and implementing health and wellness programs company-wide to improve the lives of our employees.

The CMS course is available in a live 2.

POOLCORP World’s Leading Distributor of Swimming Pool Supplies | Backyard Living Industries

Testing can be completed at group testing events to be scheduled in Nassau County at regular intervals. Completion of the CMS workbook is required prior to becoming eligible to sit for the exam. Those passing the exam achieve the designation.


To earn the CSP designation, follow the following steps: Where Buildere Living Comes to Life With more than 4, employees and over locations worldwide, POOLCORP leads the pack as the world’s manua, wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies, equipment and related leisure products. Completion of the CST Workbook is required to become eligible for testing. Latest News View All. Both are achieved by successfully passing the certification exam. The APSP Hot Builers Technician Manual provides the backbone of the course, which will focus on hot tub installation, structures, finishes, service, maintenance, water chemistry, seasonal care and troubleshooting.

Completion of this course enables participants to earn an honorarium for their instruction hours. An optional 5-hour exam prep course is available both online and at live, instructor-led events.


The exam is closed-book in a multiple choice format. All courses are taught by veteran spa and pool professionals who are members in good standing of the APSP. The manual is the textbook for the course. The open-book, multiple choice, exam will be administered at group testing events in Nassau County on a regular schedule with dates available on the NESPA www.

A companion workbook is also available as a study aide.

This course trains subject matter experts to teach APSP certification courses in the workplace and convention venues. This course offers technical expertise that will help novices learn more about building quality pools and spas, and show veteran pool builders how to build more complex pools.

The CBP designation can be achieved through an application and testing process. The company operates over locations in North America, Europe, South America, and Australia with more than 4, employees through the multiple networks. The exam is closed-book in a multiple choice question format. Our inventory includes a diverse range of products, from construction materials, replacement parts and fencing to pool care products and spas, with roughlywholesale customers around the world.


Individuals who feel prepared for the exam without taking the education component may sit for theexam ONE time. With the swimming season drawing to a close, many pool and spa builders are beginning to think about how to enhance their professional profile during the cooler months. Download the Licensing FAQs here. Contact Information Sales Center Locator. Candidates may choose one of these 3 options: NPT focuses on pool tile, decorative pool finishes, hardscapes, water and fire features, outdoor lighting, and more.

We continuously expand our inventory of products to our customers and presently offer more thannational brand and private label products. We are here to help. Testing and live prep courses will be scheduled in Nassau County at regular intervals.

Superior Pool Products distribution locations are in the United States distributing swimming pool supplies, equipment, and related outdoor living products.

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