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Piana, ChartulariumAF11, no. Italian friar from Perugia, preacher and bishop of Limassol Cyprus. De Conformitate became the object of humanist and reformation ridicule. Expositione dela regula di frati Menori Venice, Nuova edizione critica2 Vols.

He died during a trip administrative or homiletic? He died at Sanayac. This work went through more than ten editions, many of which without acknowledging the name of the author.

Bertolomeo retired to the Pergola friary. Studied medicine and practiced as a doctor before his entrance into the Observant branch of the Franciscan order in At the general chapter of Toulousehe was designated to go to Cambridge, to go up for his master degree. To this purpose he wrote a complete Cursus of philosophy and theology on the basis of the works of Bonaventure.


A commentary on Daniel is still extant MS Vat. Bonaventura Buratti Bonaventura Buratti da Milano, fl. Following accusations of Lutheranism, Bartolomeo moved to Rome, where he was arrested at the instigation of the Pope Paul III, who ordered an inquisitorial investigation, but this did not lead to a conviction.

Entered the order in the St. Bonelli Trento, ; Contributi alla storia dei Frati Minori della provincia di Trento Trento,, ; G. Golubovich, Bibliotheca I, Condemnatio Theologiae Moralis a P. Sermon del dia del juicio en la 1a dominica demeraro Adviento: Barnabas was killed during an attack by the Apppunti on the Island of Crete Creta seven years later.

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linguagggi Took his profession on 18 October The work was meant to instruct regular and secular clerics alike in the basics of canon law necessary for their pastoral obligations. Legenda Sancti Gerardi de Valencia Cagnoli in: Lunguaggi, I francescani minori conventuali al concilio di Trento’, in: Entered the order in Sermones en lengua Cakchiquel escritos por varios padres de la Orden de San Francisco, y recogidos por el M.

Oxford University Press, ; http: Quaestiones Disputatae de Fideed.

Assisi, ottobreConvegni S. Aora nuevamente corregido Madrid: He stayed a lay brother throughout his life. In addition, he published a few works of asceticism and moral theology.

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Born in Venice inhe entered the Conventual Franciscans at an early age. Balthasar del Castillo Baltasar del Castillo, fl. Not known to have reached the magisterium. Friar from the Rhine province; guardian of the convent of Mainz, lector and provincial definitor.

The whereabouts of these zppunti, mentioned in the works of Bernardo di Bologna and Apollinaris de Valencia, are as yet unknown. It appeared in print after his death, in an edition made by his disciple Hilarius Pichi Pico in teorai He attended Fformali degli Studi di Bari, in Bari, Italy, where he received a laurea degree in Information Science with full marks and honors on March 25, German friar, who might have studied in Magdeburg Ertl and apparently also spent some years at the Franciscan studium of Paris.


He was received into the order by the provincial minister Basilio da Napoli. Born at Riez, near the French Alps. Bartolomeo da Salutio, Min. In his surviving work fromhe mentions that the was a preacher, ex-provincial, advisor of the inquisition and guardian of the San Ilnguaggi de Panahachel friary.

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Mariano da Firenze, Compendium Chronicarumed. Gradually, the accusations of heresy became stronger. In formalli early s, he was elected guardian of Pont-Saint-Esprit. Cursus Theologicus ad mentem Serafici Doctoris S. There are some indications that he was active as inquisitor in the neighbourhood of Anagni and later in the Roman province of the order but there might be a confusion with Bartholomew of Amelia, another Franciscan friar known to be active as inquisitor in that same province.

In he completed in Levanto a Summa Casuum conscientiae Baptistianaa manual for confessors. Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana autograph libguaggi.