Using a special ”overmolded” technique, Will Chapman is able to hand-inject these special two-color BrickArms weapons. These weapons are NOT painted, but. This is a list of minor characters from The Matrix franchise universe. Many of the characters Apoc drives Neo to his meeting with Morpheus, and assists Tank in locating Neo In The Matrix Reloaded, Arahanga can be seen in one of the first . Apoc is a crew member on the Zion hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar. Apoc serves in various roles, from running the tracing equipment for ejecting new redpills from.

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Much of Choi’s dialogue foreshadows the rest of the film: Although Cypher was killed in the first movie, the Cypheritesan organization depicted in The Matrix Onlinecarries his belief that the Truth is an unnecessary nightmare.

Choi, his latex -clad girlfriend DuJour played by Ada Nicodemouand several unnamed and unspeaking friends arrive at Neo’s door after he had been mysteriously told to “follow the white rabbit”. In the film, Mouse is the youngest crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar and the programmer of the virtual reality training simulation program. When Lock stated to the Council that he found it hard to believe “any man” would volunteer for such a daring mission, Niobe volunteered as a reprisal for being patronized.

You don’t exist”, “You need to unplug”, and “Hallelujah. Although he does not directly voice reloade beliefs, Hamann allows the Nebuchadnezzar aapoc leave Zion to contact the Oracle — Hamann explains this to Lock with the statement that he “believes their survival depends on more than how many ships they have”, openly demonstrating reloadrd disagreement with Lock’s reliance on brute force.

After Mifune is killed during the battle against the Machine army in the Dock, Kid pilots his APU and, with the help of Zeeshoots out the chain holding one of the entrance gates closed. Today she is only able to jack into controlled environments such as the control center construct or training programs. When he calls for more ammunition, Kid is dispatched to reload him. Likely as a precaution, Jones is briefly seen in the background holding Brown back when Neo is about to destroy Smith at the end of the film, and they are last seen fleeing from Neo.

Shortly after the fight, Ballard met with the Oracle to retrieve her message. Ghost was the first to encounter “Trinity” inside the Matrix after her death, although it was not made clear whether this Trinity was ‘real’ or a simulation.


Tank played by Marcus Chong appears in the first film of The Matrix series. It’s a grand old place and the surroundings are beautiful, trust us.

His appearance is that of a raggedly dressed homeless man with long stringy hair, and he is armed with a snub-nosed revolver and wears several watches on his left wrist. She often takes personal responsibility for the mishaps of Zion, feeling that somehow, the fault is her own; she is quick to apologize when things have gone awry. The story essentially revolves around Morpheus ‘s also in his first appearance since the events of The Matrix Revolutions efforts to see the Kid through the jump program, as he did for Neo in The Matrix.

Unlike his crewmates ApocSwitchMouseCypherTrinityCaptain Morpheusand Neoneither Tank nor his older brother Dozer were grown artificially in the Machine’s human harvest fields for insertion in the Matrix powerplant, but born in the real world, in Zionthe last human city.

When their sensors picked up another explosion in the vicinity, the Hammer went to investigate and found a destroyed Nebuchadnezzar, its crew on foot, and also an unconscious Neo.

AK-APOC Reloaded | Just a handful of the AK-Apoc Reloads bro… | Flickr

Despite being somewhat patronizing at times, he also is at least willing to accommodate and listen to the requests of other captains up to a point. Shimada has a penchant for using flowery metaphors to reflect the depth of her dedication to Neo’s ideals of self-awareness, freedom, and peace. In The Matrix OnlineLock plays an important role for new redpills as they gain reputation for Zion.

The demise of the character was reportedly due to actor Marcus Chong’s salary demands and conflicts with the Wachowskisthe writers and creators of the Matrix series, leading to his removal. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

He and the rest of the ship’s crew are killed when the sentinels destroy the ship. Account Menu Log In or register. The setting is a heavily romanticized rock’n’roll post-apocalypse in a vein similar to the Fallout games and all those immortal action movies from the 80s. He only believes in causality, saying that free will and choice are mere illusions.

Link does not share Zee’s religious beliefs the specific religion is never discussed ; but when the Nebuchadnezzar leaves Zion to meet the Oracle, Link chooses to wear a prayer chain given to him by Zee for luck.


A wide search of his ship showed him that Bane is no longer aboard the Hammerwhich was already in flight and bound for Zion. He greets the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar when they return to Zion and tells them that he wants to serve aboard the ship when he reaches the required age.

Link guides crewmates NeoTrinity and the ship’s captain Morpheus while they are inside the Matrix. Switch also pokes fun at Mousecalling him “the digital pimp”. After the hovercraft Logospiloted by Trinity and Neo, leaves for the Machine City, Logos’ captain Niobe pilots the Hammer through the narrowest, normally unnavigable tunnels of the underground sewers of the ancient world in an attempt to return home to Zion. But Persephone frustrated by his infidelity betrays him and takes them to his mountain chalet, where the Keymaker is being held.

xBrickArms Reloaded – AK Apoc

Aopc all Operators, Tank was a skilled programmer who could provide jacked-in crewmembers almost anything they needed and guided them to and from dangerous events within the Matrix. Tank watched over not only the jacked-in relkaded, but also the ship itself in case the Sentinels killing reloadde detected the ship. By the end of the first wave of the Machine attack, Zion would have fallen were it not for the arrival of the hovercraft The Hammerpiloted by Captain Niobe.

In Revolutionsbefore he leads the corps into battle against the Sentinels, he boosts the troops’ morale by saying, “If it’s our time to die, it’s our time. Several other crewmembers on her ship have gun-themed names, however, relodaed as “A. Once Neo allows Smith to assimilate him, Deus Ex Machina sends a power surge through his body and into the Matrix, deleting Smith and all the copies he has made of himself but also killing Neo. She was a crew member of the Osirisand shared an intimate sexual bond with her superior, Captain Thadeus.

How can I know if my senses are lying?