Manuals and user guides for Aphex professional audio equipment. , Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom, User Manual. , Two Channel Tube Mic and. aural exciter and big bottom. optical. Instruction Manual P/N Revision 2 Released 09/01/ Manufactured by. Aphex Systems Ltd. When we originally modeled the unit, replicating its sound in both insert and aux send/return modes, we realized that each mode had its own unique sound.

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Studio Manuals – Aphex

That might be a distortion of context, but it’s never stopped members of the press before, particularly members of right wing extremist groups. I use 31 band EQ to level and voice the system then fire up the Aphex majual add that extra little bit of clarity.

And so a question remains, why would slower bass sound more natural? Recording engineers make a lot of decisions on how they process tracks based on mere convention. Posted Tue 02 Sep 08 1: The vocals almost shined with highlights and aphsx intelligibility. Barry’s only reaction was gracious and good humored about that whole mess outwardly, in his own way.

In most cases, we’re lucky if it’s even pleasant under the spectacles of a high fidelity audio system. Posted Sun 15 Dec 13 3: Overall, the is addictive. How it does this, I haven’t a clue. For terrestrial and satellite broadcasters, the Aural Exciter provides the powerful articulation necessary to deliver crisp, clear signal aphe the face of today’s digital broadcasting challenges.

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I bought the aphex because it has more control of the effect and it was more cleaner than BBE. One size, color, or shape in no way fits all. But, there is a practical hurdle associated with them. They do not claim to reduce some mysterious form of distortion that objective measurements cannot verify, nor do they claim that their product makes the end result any more accurate.


JJ pays for articles, but I’m too slow to make a living at it. I must admit that I’m grateful for the introduction.

The part relevant to our conversion is that kick drums, while they’ve got one heck of an attack, also have a substantial boom that follows unless they’re really damped with a blanket or something. It’s a delightful band-aid, but it’s still a crutch, and the fact that I’ve been shown, yet again, how broken our legs are is very much irritating. As a result, we have our aphhex finish, and subjectively tight bass. Have your cake, eat it, and have it again, all without eating disorder side effects!

Like the Aural Exciter, the Big Bottom also processes through a side-chain, so that the original signal passes on mankal, and you add the processed effect to taste at the end of the chain.

Use the Graphic to find and adjust out troublesome frequencies or gently raise system response to improve clarity. I’m a full-fledged proponent of the careful use of EQ, but it has limitations.

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Who can blame them? Changes of more than 6dB indicate real problems and if you find you need 12dB of boost at 63Hz then the system is not able to fill the space with the amount of bass desired.

I didn’t mean it as an insult. So, I agree that there should be some compression on the final mix as a matter of practical reality, but aphxe most recordings, tracks are compressed, recompressed, and then compressed again, including the mastering stage.

I think it would be false to claim that the does everything you’d ever want in terms of sprucing up all but your 10 best recordings. However, it is not debatable that with any system that can be considered in the accurate camp, the listener will hear the recording more or less as it is, most often an artificial reproduction, for better or worse, and in the overwhelming proportion of musical content, it is far from realistic.

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The Optical Big Bottom does a mqnual job at extending Bass persistance Note I dont say boosting the Bass it gives a fatter bass end and warms up the sound but does not do this by just a boost the level. OK, hero might be too strong of a word.

Eventually, I got to it. We apply a kind of counter gate so long as there’s content, when the decay drops farther the manuak shuts off.

First, it minimizes noticeable background noise. Why can’t we demand good recordings? The manual suggests higher harmonics for instruments and lower harmonics for vocals. This is fine and units like the Cosmos do a great job at producing just that. That is, the signal is split, and one half passes through to the output unfettered, making the purists in us feel good, and the other half goes to the processing leg, to be mixed back into the original signal as desired. I had the sickeningly deep and smooth extension I wanted.

I owned a very effective tube saturator that sounded absolutely splendid with many recordings, adding warmth and texture to pretty much anything I threw at it.