“Excellent an arresting account of the whole war on Crete, including the ghastly experiences of the Cretans under German occupation” John Keegan in The. The bestselling author of The Battle of Arnhem and D-Day vividly reconstructs the epic WWII struggle for Crete – reissued with a new introduction. Crete has ratings and 65 reviews. Czarny said: This is a very good book and one that is great pleasure to read. It is not however a masterpiece on th.

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Antony Beevor’s unerring flair for the climate and the feel of the conflict The two bombs penetrated three levels of decks where most of the thousand soldiers were crammed in conditions akin to the Black Hole of Calcutta.

Acclaimed historian and best-selling author Antony Beevor vividly brings crrete life the epic struggles that took place in Second World War Crete – reissued with a new introduction. The bestselling antnoy of The Battle of Arnhem and D-Day vividly reconstructs the epic WWII struggle for Crete — reissued with a new introduction Nazi Germany expected its airborne attack on Crete in to be a textbook victory based on tactical surprise.

They won beeovr battles there, but the trouble was the key was at Maleme. In short the German’s landed spread out over the island in a plan more suited to a light or unorganized resistance. Sons of the Blood Robyn Young. I had to go back and research what pulled Greece and the Mediterranean into to the war to antiny enough background to understand where Beevor was starting. Books by Antony Beevor. Jun 24, Pages.

Crete: The Battle and the Resistance – Antony Beevor

This book about Crete is divided into three parts. This is something that Evelyn Waugh later exploited in Officers and Gentlemen, and is used in effect as part of the reason for the One of the striking things about this book is the portrait of British class society.


Oct 05, Michael Kelly rated it really liked it. Though I have shelved it in War, it is not really a War book. It is a truth that, Jones believes, leads away from their world and back to the increasingly wealthy city where both he and his long-dead intellectual guide, Dr Kreizler, did their greatest work.

Nov 08, Psychophant rated it did not like it Shelves: Germans weren’t the only ones making mistakes.

Bevor to Czarny by: Her biography explores a woman trying to make sense of her life through her writing, as well as illuminating the literary world in which she lived. Crete was an extraordinary battle because it was the zntony first time a major island had actually been assaulted by paratroopers and, in fact, captured by paratroopers, the only time, ever.

It is a first-hand account of a mission by an SAS soldier anton behind the Iron Curtain by MI6 to find someone who didn’t necessarily want to be found and how, on a follow-up mission, he found himself manoeuvring against a mysterious KGB officer – one Major Vladimir Putin and a murder plot by Kremlin hardliners.

The Empathy Problem Gavin Extence. In casualties they lost nearly 50 percent of their parachute division on the first day, or certainly by the end of the second day.

He did make mistakes but, I think Beevor gives him too much heat and too high expectations. I had read articles and chapters about the battle but never a full length work.

The search for the killers will take Jean back into her own dark past as she uncovers a web of political and sexual corruption in the high reaches of the Edinburgh establishment. Some great anecdotes — well not if you hail from old ‘Vorwarts’ Blucher’s family as all three of his descendants, all brothers, who parachuted into Cgete died on the same day. Nuttigste klantenrecensies op Amazon. Here is the continuation of his heart-rending, darkly comic story.

New Year’s Day – and through the misty streets of Victorian Edinburgh an elegant, female figure walks the cobblestones – with a certain vengeful purpose.

A lot of the first part is about British professors and eccentrics in special forces.


Crete: The Battle and the Resistance

A regular officer in the 11th Hussars, he served in Germany and England. We need to use cookies to do this. It took less than four weeks in April to capture Greece and force the Allies off the mainland, leaving behind all of their heavy equipment.

Translated by Sam Taylor. I’d previously read Patrick Leigh Fermor: France, Denmark, Norway and the Low Countries were all under occupation after a series of lightning military campaigns. The book does not cover new information but the writing is excellent. View all 3 comments.

Ferocious Cretan freedom fighters mounted a heroic resistance, aided by a dramatic cast of British officers from Special Operations Executive. Among the many prestigious posts he holds, he is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. This beeevor gave me a much better picture of the German invasion of Crete and how close the British, Australians, and New Zealanders came to defeating the Germans.

Crete: The Battle And The Resistance by Antony Beevor

It is a good book on an creet under the radar topic. James Langton does a good job narrating the book. Bad Soldier Chris Ryan. Antony Beevor’s story of Crete, its capture, occupation, resistance and eventual withdrawal of the occupiers is as brilliantly researched and thrillingly told as his other books about the Second World War and events in Spain and France before and after the war. We have detected that you are using an older version of Internet Explorer and to have access to all the features on this site, you will need to update your browser to Internet Explorer 8.

This book goes over the battle for Crete and antonny the occupation of the Island after the battle.