The Art of War by. Antoine Henri de Jomini. (Baron de Jomini). General & Aide-de -Camp of the Emperor of Russia. Originally Published in French in Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Art of War by Baron de Jomini Antoine-Henri, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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War in its ensemble is NOT a science, but an art.

That was tantamount to deserting to the enemy and so it was regarded by many in the French army, and by not a few of his new comrades. Page – If a few prejudiced military men, after reading this book and carefully studying the detailed and correct history of the campaigns of the great masters of the art of war, still contend that it has neither principles nor rules, I can only pity them and reply, in the famous words of Frederick, that “a mule which had made twenty campaigns under Prince Eugene would not be a better tactician than at the beginning.

Jomini’s “Art of War” was taught to several generations of West Point cadets, including many of our Civil War leaders. The Art of War. When a war is decided upon, it becomes necessary to prepare not an entire plan of operations— which is always impossible— wat a system of operations in reference to a prescribed aim; to provide a base, as well as all the material means necessary to guarantee the success of the enterprise.


Inhe moved to Anfoinewhere he worked first at another banking house and then as a stockbroker.

The Art of War by Antoine-Henri de Jomini

A must read for anyone in business and management. Plus tard il devient aide de camp de l’Empereur. And, one might add, at minimizing Clausewitz’s, for he clearly perceived the Prussian writer as his chief competitor.

A curious mixture of dated material and what are likely timeless truths much like Mahan. Even today, it is highly regarded as a seminal work in the development of strategy. It was to the union of the civic virtues and military spirit fostered by their institutions that the Romans were indebted for their grandeur.

The Art of War

A must-read for historical and military buffs. It’s a bit more practical than Clausewitz, in other words it deals more with the conduct of war than the theory. Most practical years ago, yet still relevant. Def-ly valuable information for war strategists but you will break your head because of poor writing. Until his retirement in he was principally employed in the military education of the Tsarevich Nicholas afterwards Emperor and in the organization of the Russian staff collegewhich was established in and bore its original name of the Nicholas Academy up to the October Revolution of Jomini served in the campaign, serving on Ney’s staff.

The Art of War by baron de Antoine Henri Jomini – Free Ebook

Military Spirit and Morale Adoption of the best regulations for the organization of an army would be in vain if the government did not at the same time cultivate a military spirit in its citizens. Old Sword Play Alfred Hutton.


The defense of Ney almost cost Jomini his position in the Russian service. This tends, as noted earlier, to be pretty abstract.

Jomini and Clausewitz offer two different looks at the nature of war and how it is fought. Sep 05, Francesco rated it wae liked it. For more, please see my review of On War by von Clausewitz. It will seldom be the case that the nations allied against it will have the same interest in the war and will enter into it with all their resources; and if one is only an auxiliary, it will be an ordinary war.

Jomini’ Read the “Art of War” for class. Logistics, or the art of moving armies. The author, a Swiss national, served in Napoleon’s Grande Armee.

The book itself contain much of historical and philosophical interest. Uomini some general points are in order. In that capacity, he standardized many procedures, and used his position “to experiment with organizational systems and strategies. Return to Book Page. Or the student of Napoleonic military strategy and tactics.

Engineering–the attack and defense of fortifications.

He dealt at length with a number of practical subjects logistics, seapower that Clausewitz had largely ignored. Introduction, Charles Messenger,