Secondary angle closure glaucoma resulting from total anterior synechia leads to gradual bulging of the cornea. Corneal exposure can result in chronic keratitis. Looking for online definition of anterior staphyloma in the Medical Dictionary? anterior staphyloma explanation free. What is anterior staphyloma? Meaning of. histopathological features of congenital corneal staphyloma are discussed, as well as the possible anteroposterior length, with an abnormal anterior segment .

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Staphyloma occur in the front of the eye mostly as a response staphylmoa trauma or infection in which the scleral architecture has been disturbed and the internal pressure of the eye stretches the weak point causing the protrusion and typical appearance.

Over the next 4 months, the patient also noticed the onset of decreasing visual acuity in his right eye OD. His visual acuity was hand motions. Ulcerative keratitis associated with crack-cocaine abuse. No specific financial support was available for this study.

The optic disk, retina and sclera appeared normal. This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat Protrusion of an opaque cornea through the eyelids at birth is a very rare condition which may be due to keratectasia or congenital corneal staphyloma.

Congenital Corneal Staphyloma

A month-old boy was referred to the Oculoplastic Clinic at Labbafinejad Medical Center for treatment of a bulging and deformed blind left eye. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. On the equator of the eye region circumferencing the largest diameter orthogonal to the visual axis. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Antsrior. It is the name given to the localised bulge in limbal area, lined by the root of the iris. This is the first case that is associated with anterior staphyloma.


Congenital staphloma of cornea associated with embryonic arrest stalhyloma ectodermal and mesodermal structures. It is an ectasia of pseudocornea the scar formed from organised exudates and fibrous tissue covered with epithelium which results after sloughing of cornea with iris plastered behind, it is known as anterior staphyloma.

Retrieved from ” https: The corneal epithelium is hyperkeratotic showing marked acanthosis. Staphyyloma patient admitted to smoking crack cocaine for 4 months and also on the day of admission. Histopathologic and ultrastructural analysis of congenital corneal staphyloma. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

What is staphyloma? – American Academy of Ophthalmology

Defective vision occurs due to marked corneal astigmatism. At this time, the patient agreed to surgical intervention. Lens status could not be ascertained because the lens was not visible. Views Read Edit View history. A year-old black man presented with a 4-week history of a foreign body sensation, redness, and staphuloma in his right eye. Staphyloma is an abnormal protrusion of the uveal tissue through a weak point of the eye. Richard E Bensinger MD.


The protrusion is generally black in colour, due to the inner layers of the eye. How to cite this article. Histopathologic examination of congenital corneal staphyloma reveals severe corneal ectasia with the posterior aspect of the staphyloma lined by atrophic iris. Secondary angle closure glaucoma resulting from total anterior synechia leads to gradual bulging of the cornea.

Acquired anterior staphyloma after corneal ulcer associated with the use of crack

Left eye examination revealed inferior superficial punctate keratopathy without the evidence of an infection. It occurs more commonly in the regions of sclera which are perforated stahpyloma vortex veins. The few treatment options in anterior staphyloma include penetrating keratoplasty, sclerokeratoplasty, and dural patch 6 – 8.

However, the posterior segment and optic nerve appeared normal.

What is staphyloma?

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It is diagnosed by ophthalmoscopy, which shows an area of retinal excavation in the region of the staphyloma.