Free kitchen appliance user manuals, instructions, and product support information. Find owners Antec P Refrigerator User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. DownloadAntec p user manual. Free Pdf Download The dual hose operation provides fast cooling. Antec p user manual. Direct Link #1. PRODUCT. CASE: PERFORMANCE SERIES · GAMING SERIES · CUBE · VALUE SOLUTION · ISK SERIES · NEW SOLUTION · OTHER. POWER SUPPLY: BY.

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Optional rubber grommeted ports There are two rubber grommeted ports in the rear panel.

Antec P182 Refrigerator User Manual

You may want to pull the power cable of the mm fan from inside the lower chamber to the upper chamber mabual easy cable management.

Lay the case down, with the open manuall facing up. You can choose to mount only the middle fan or you can mount both the front and the middle fans to enhance the cooling as two fans will serve a push and pull action bringing the air more efficiently.

Remove the thumbscrew holding the upper HDD cage.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Inside the case there are two 3. There are two HDD trays inside the cage.

Antec P User`s manual |

The P also has these additional features:. The Washable Air Filters There are two filters located behind the front grilles. For more antce instructions on installing the motherboard and pe Summary of the content on the page No.

Mount your hard drive into the drive cage with the special screws provided. If you decide to mount any HDD into the upper cage, you will not be able to use the middle fan. Loosen the two thumbscrews holding the plastic structure. Slightly angle the top of the filter towards you before lifting it up and out. Clip the fan into position. Pin Pin Assignment Pin Pi. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.


Antec P user manual. Carefully run the power cables to the lower chamber for the hard drives you are planning to install there. This adapter will allow you to connect the front IEEE port to the externaltype connector.

Damit ist Ihr Motherboard installiert. Line up your motherboard with the standoff holes and remember which holes are lined up. Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for Antec P Install the wire bracket.

Cases Damping Viewing page 2 of 6 pages. To remove the filters: Pass the cables through the holes xntec the motherboard tray and use the cable ties to hold them in place. You can see there are four 5. Remove the screws antef the left side panel.

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It is a two-piece structure — one large and one small. Dabei handelt es sich nicht um ein Problem, sondern vielmehr um eine Verbesserung. Anschluss von Stromversorgung und LED 1. Secure the power supply by fastening the retaining cage to the case with anyec.

Home Antec Refrigerator Antec P Insert the tabs to the notches and slide the spoiler towards the front of the case until it clicks into position.

Screw in your motherboard to the standoffs with the provided Philips-head screws. Connect the pin connector to your motherboard header so that the blocked pin fits over the missing header pin.


Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments. Pull the Summary of the content on the page No.

Slide the mmanual back to the case and fasten the thumbscrew. Make sure the metal portion is angled on the outside towards the outside of the case. Options for new office pc more.

Speed Input Current x x Antec P user manual User manual for the device Antec P Push one of the fan grilles at the right middle edge to open the grille. With the case upright, remove the power supply-retaining cage by removing the screws fastening the cage at both sides. Grip the panel at the top and bottom and slide it towards you to open the case.

The minimum voltage to start the fan is 5V.

Antec P Advanced Super Midtower Case: P v.2 |

You may want to pull the power cable of the mm fan from inside the lower chamber to the upper chamber for easy cable management. Do not use your fingernails to pry or lift the panels. Make sure the metal portion is angled on the outside and facing forward. With the power anyec inside the cage, slide the cage with power supply into the case. In addition to the retaining cage, fasten the power supply to the back of the case with the screws pp182. Slide and lock the tray back into the cage.