Meditation: Antar Mouna – Ajapa Japa -Trataka. The Satyananda Yoga system offers many different traditional techniques to help the practitioner to turn the. TSYN: Antar Mouna. 14 minutes. An attempt at a more trauma-sensitive yoga nidra: heavy on choices and invitations; light on visualisation. This one is an. Mindfulness And Antar Mouna Meditation. Meditation has two main aims, the cultivation of witness consciousness, and the evolution of your.

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I knew exactly what I wanted to ask. When the mind is purified and no unnecessary thoughts arise, spontaneous symbols may arise, or they may not. In stage three of Antar Mouna, we are choosing what to focus our attention on. Definition – What does Antar Mauna mean?

Is Your Chi Blocked? By internalizing the senses through this form of meditation, the yogi observes the moouna and underlying structure of the mind and thought processes.

This is an essential step in preparing the mind for a little less structure. Part 3 August 3, Meditation Yoga Yoga Psychology 0 Comments Before you jump right into this part, begin by reading the first and second installation of this series on the Tantric technique to prepare the mind for meditation, Antar Mouna. We have the same thoughts numerous sometimes hundreds times each day.

Meditation: Antar Mouna – Ajapa Japa – Trataka

Home Dictionary Tags Meditation Silence. I have found this structure to be an invaluable tool in my practice. And before long, I made my way to southern India, and immersed myself in study and practice at a small ashram in the mountains of Tamil Nadu. I felt ready to transition to stage two after a month of dedicated practice of stage one. Feel the emotion in your body and be present with it, but stop the story and notice what happens.

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More of your questions answered by our Experts. I rose from my seat, turned to my right, and walked into a small room, where Michael was sitting. This is the limb right before the state of Dhyana or meditation. However, if we skip the proper cultivation and strengthening of the Witness, then further self exploration may become hindered due to a lack of skill, or due to the intensity of the experience.

This includes the time I spent in India, where my teacher Swamiji Tureyananda taught me the technique that empowered me to sit every day, as well as my time with Michael, and my continued practice.

I recommend aiming for a minute sit. Antar Mouna is an invaluable tool for training the mind and the senses.

So, take your time, pay attention, and honor your experience on this path. Creating a state in which there are no thoughts.

Whenever we create space in the body or mind, and in this case, the release of the subconscious thought is creating space, fresh prana, the vital energy of life, can flow in.

When we disempower a thought by changing an automatic labeling, we empower the Witness. This stage is one described as a mental vacuum. With vivid construction of a mpuna, we are constantly utilizing stored information from previous experience.


Ease in letting go of thought suppression. This may seem strange, however, our minds have become accustomed to, and even comfortable with, these lower thoughts. The mat or the cushion is a great container for developing the skills necessary to live life well, and to prepare us to walk each step with our eyes wide open, clearly seeing reality.

Meditation: Antar Mouna – Ajapa Japa -Trataka

Watch them float into conscious awareness and watch them float right out. The mind will still and then wander, still anatr then wander. With this stage, we are giving the mind something external antzr focus on, which is easier for most, at least initially, than focusing on something internal.

Remember that meditation is a state, not a technique. Be both steady in your practice and gentle with yourself. This symbol surfacing is due to optimal prana flow, the vital energy of life. My formal meditation practice seeps into my time off of my cushion, allowing me to take leadership within my mind, and that translates to leadership in my life.