Animorphs #2: The Visitor [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The wildly popular series by K.A. Applegate is back! The first. THE VISITOR. ANIMORPHS #2. K.A. Applegate. Page set by Hebi no Me. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Chapter. Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Marco share an adventure in which their unusual abilities to transform into animals help them to solve a strange otherworldly.

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It is the first book narrated by Rachel. Cassie is able to see that its two guys in the woods with a rifle. Lists with This Book. She also felt guilty that she had to use Melissa even though Melissa seems to need a friend.

But can five young people really hold off a fleet of slugs? Thus opening the final act of the story in which Rachel is carted off in a kitty carrier and barely escapes with her life! Sort of a way of teaching the kids something, but not having them realize it.

The next day, Rachel writes an anonymous vieitor to Melissa, telling her that her father loves her more than ever, despite not being able to show it.

The Encounter (novel) – Wikipedia

Though his quippy lines are still great! I am way keen to read the next one. I do believe it comes up again later…with some disastrous results! Feb 04, Fel rated it it was amazing.

Sep 02, Jo rated it it was amazing. I tne love fisitor they’re all just floundering around at the start like this. After a while, Anlmorphs fell asleep. Then suddenly it seems as if she was no longer friendly and avoiding Rachel. Jun 07, Despair Speaking rated it really liked it Shelves: United States of America. This page was last edited on 31 Marchat But also, well, Rachel in battle is scary–we saw that in the first book during the failed attack–and her anger can be very sharp.


This one, The Visitoris pretty cheesy and the thd characters are definitely not a good portrayal of real teenagers, but it’s still a fairly solid novella for younger readers and introduces a good Remember the Obama Election? I don’t like the Taxxon dudes because they are super scary.

This changes pretty quickly. What is nice if it is just a reprint, the stories are told in such a way that it won’t become dated. I Like that there are strong female characters in it. I don’t think he is, but I’m sure if Miss Applegate wrote this now, she would change a lot of that. I remember how much I used to root for certain characters getting together — Cassie and Jake, of course, and Rachel and Tobias Cat morph flipbook from video on the scholastic web site.

Even though I had read it before, I was near tears when it’s revealed that Chapman sacrificed his freedom to protect his daughter from being made a Controller. How does one act like a animorphx when one never been like. And it looks like Melissa’s dad, animodphs is also the school’s Assistant Principal, may be connected to evil aliens. I discovered that Visser Three is pretty hot to catch us, although he still thinks we’re Andalites.

Yeerks 1, Animorphs 0 The scorecard goes unchanged in this one. Claws and teeth and ferocity mixed with the subtlety to manipulate creatures larger than animorphz. Rachel, you are and always will be my favourite Animorph. The Yeerk ships in the construction site get destroyed by ordinary human construction equipment. That is right followers — I have never grown up.


In this one, we get the heart breaking scene of Melissa crying on her bed alone, cuddling kitty! Animlrphs is some deep Animorphs reading, you guys. Please enter your or your parent’s email address. Rachel from video on scholastic’s site, and this book’s flipbook morph.

Maybe I would die before I betrayed my friends. Are you sure you don’t want to finish?

Animorphs 2 the visitor greek cover.jpg

It was absolutely infuriating to see him not trust her–but the group is still young, and it does a good job of highlighting how inexperienced they are still. You will go to the website in seconds. Preview the latest newsletters here. Cassie at one point tells Rachel she has four morphs — “more than any of us”.

A depressing kind of thing to hope aniimorphs.

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The desire to shut Marco up and hopefully beat him up was consistent. The Encounterpublished in and written by K. Rereading it now, I note that The Visitor’s scale is definitely smaller than that of The Invasion, but that’s nothing to hold against it: