In language and tone, I find Andre Gide’s The Immoralist reminding me much of the work of J.M. Coetzee, specifically Disgrace. Both authors use a very pared. There is an oft-cited sentence in André Gide’s journal entry for March 28, , in which Rereading Gide’s The Immoralist () recently that is indeed how I. Gide, Andre: The Immoralist (new tr by Richard Howard).

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Open Preview See a Problem? During a honeymoon convalescence in Biskra, his wife befriends some of the local children.

The Immoralist by Andre Gide

Apr 19, knig rated it really liked it Shelves: Most of the time you are wondering what he actually means. After the unfortunate event of abortion of Marceline, Michel takes care of her. I had much ado that day to keep my temper, but what helped me was Bocage’s obvious embarrass- ment. Her bodice and skirt were made of the same material — a Scotch plaid which we had chosen together.

Andre Gide – ‘The Immoralist’

I rushed after him, but the carriage andrw going too fast. He was a fine strong young fellow, so exuberantly healthy, so lissom, so well-made, that not even the frightful town clothes he had put on immodalist our honor could make him look ridiculous; his shyness amdre added anything to the fine natural red of his cheeks.

I stayed behind with the children. I was too tired, too unwell to do anything but look at them; but the presence of their good health did me good. Dec 19, K. And yet, we had hardly left Marseilles, when memories came back to me of Granada and Seville, of a purer sky, of franker shadows, of dances, of laughter, of songs.

I wanted to stock the moat with some of these fish and give some to the la- borers, so that upon this occasion the pleasure of a fishing party was added to the day’s work, as could be seen hide the extraordinary animation of the farm; some children from the neighborhood had joined the workers and Marceline herself had prom- ised to come down later.

I was horribly upset. They imitate, and they make out that they love life! Matt Jakubowski introduced Jerzy Pilch’s latest novel, available next year.

But it will soon be only to himself.

The apartment, which had been found for us by one of Marceline’s brothers, and which we had visited when we had last passed through Paris, was much bigger than the one my father had left me, and Marceline was a little un- easy, not only at the increased sndre, but at all the other expenses we should certainly be led into.


There is no horizon; some few copse-woods, filled with mys- terious shade, some few fields of corn, but chiefly meadow land — softly sloping pastures, where the lush grass is mown twice a year, where the apple- trees, when the sun is low, join shadow to shadow, where flocks and herds graze untended; in every hollow there is water — pond or pool or river; from every side comes the continual murmur of streams.

By an established custom, the outgoing tenant works side by side with yide incoming; the former quits the land bit by bit, as soon as he has carried his crops. The public nowadays will not forgive an author who, after relating an action, does not declare himself either for or against it; more than this, dur- ing the very course of the drama they want him to take sides, pronounce in favor either of Alceste or Philinte, of Hamlet or Ophelia, of Faust or Mar- garet, of Adam or Jehovah.

I felt myself andrr with a kind of happy fever — the fever of life itself. Gide’s career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement, to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World Wars. I had only just been born and could not as yet know what I had been born. The danger had not been great; but I had had to show my strength, and that in order to protect her.

Three months after her death, Michel writes to his friends and asks for them to visit him. Much more interestingly, his battle with tuberculosis forces his mind to reconcile with the body it inhabits, and through the disease Michel becomes sensitive to bodily sensations and, perhaps, stops seeing the mind and body as separate things.

To do so, he sacrifices wife, career, and wealth.

Before the evening meal, I had decided on my measures andrre regard to breath- ing, exercise, and nourishment We used to take our meals in a sort of little kiosk that was surrounded by the terrace on all sides. His political activity is informed by the same ethos, as suggested by his repudiation of communism after his voyage to the USSR.

I told Charles; his delight annoyed me; immlralist could not hide it; it made me feel more than ever that ggide was much too young. Otherwise the idea of a scantly clad man on a beach might now evoke images of overweight tourists cooking themselves into red lobsters under a charring sun. When I got back to my hotel room, I looked at myself in the glass and was displeased with my appearance; I looked like what I had hitherto been — an archaeologist — a bookworm.


And he was already coming into view, still in the rough and difficult of discovery, thanks to all that overlay him, but so much the more worthy to be discovered, so much the more valorous. When immorlist are growing children, we have so many fantasies of countless things, we have our own interpretations of the phenomena of nature, Imagination of a bearded old man dwelling in sky as God, Rain from sky as tears of angels, angry trees shedding leaves, fairies visiting only good children at night, and so many and many….

It was that night that I first possessed Gie. Trivia About The Immoralist.

The Immoralist

Important points of Michel’s story are his recovery from tuberculosis; his attraction to a series of Arab boys and to his estate caretaker’s son; and the evolution of a new perspective on life and society. Bachir’s pleasure charmed me. I cannot otherwise explain a series of phenomena which it seems to me impossible to attribute entirely to a simple condition of tubercu- losis.

One of those friends solicits job search assistance for Michel by including in a letter to Monsieur D. It was full of carp and tench, great creatures, some of them, that lay at the bottom of the pond without ever coming up.

Deep down, do I even really want to be a good person, or do I only want to seem like a good person so that people including myself will approve of me? Yes, it probably killed his wife and bankrupted him, but he is free! Michel starts to notice the outlines, fleshy composition and grace of these teen boys. But this is not what Gide intended us to cherish, there is more to it.

Well worth the brief time it takes to read.