GEDALGE, ANDRE (–), music theorist, teacher, and composer. Born in Paris, Gédalge studied composition with Guiraud at the Paris Conservatory. A translation from the French of André Gedalge’s Traité de la Fugue. Thumbnail. Download/View. Buell_Laurence pdf (Mb). Date Issued. Author. Il ne sait pas encore que ses cours d’harmonie et de composition au Conservatoire seront suivis par Paul Dukas, Claude Debussy et André Gedalge, .

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Inat the age of 28, he entered the Conservatoire de Paris. In that same year he won the Second Prix de Rome. He studied under Ernest Guiraudprofessor of counterpoint and fuguewho had also been Jules Massenet ‘s teacher.

He composed Quatuor d’archet, les Vaux de Vire a collection of melodieschildren’s songs, and three symphonies. These illustrated the proud motto that he followed: He influenced many students of music. List of music students by teacher: He also wrote instructional works for students: He was relatively modest and, as such, did not garner a large reputation as an individual musician, but he greatly benefited from the wide recognition of his students.

On the day after his death, it was written:. It was sufficient that he had been poor and worthy of the name of musician for that he counselled, taught, and gave affectionate welcome not only to his class, but in the intimacy of his dwelling. He studied under Ernest Guiraud, professor of counterpoint and fugue, who had also been Jules Massenet’s teacher.

He composed Quatuor d’archet, les Vaux de Vire a collection of melodieschildren’s song The six-part fugue in the Ricercar a 6 from The Musical Offering, in the hand of Johann Sebastian Bach In music, a fugue fewg is a contrapuntal compositional technique in two or more voices, built on a subject a musical theme that is introduced at the beginning in imitation repetition at different pitches and which recurs frequently in the course of the composition.

It is not to be confused with a fuguing tune, which is a style of song popularized by and mostly limited to early American i. A fugue usually has three main sections: Some fugues have a recapitulation. Maurice Ravel’s Piano Trio for piano, violin and cello is a chamber work composed in Composition Ravel had been planning to write a trio for at least six years before beginning work in earnest in March Now all I need are the themes.

Ravel was born across the bay in the Basque town of Ciboure; his mother was Basque, and he felt a deep identification with his Basque heritage.

This is part of a list of students of music, organized by teacher. George Enescu in George Enescu Romanian pronunciation: He is regarded by many as Romania’s most important musician.

He showed musical talent from early in his childhood. A child prodigy, Enescu began experimenting with composing at an early age.

Traité de la fugue (Gédalge, André)

Several, mostly very short pieces survive, all of them for violin and piano. On 5 Octoberat the age of seven, he The prize enabled him to pursue further studies at the French Academy in Rome.

In he joined the faculty of the Conservatoire de Paris as a professor of harmony. One of his notable pupils at that school was Jehan Alain. He later taught at American Conservatory in Fontainebleau. His private students included the composer Fernand Oubradous.


He also composed symphonic works, ballets, chamber music, piano works and chansons. As a composer she wrote piano pieces and songs, as well as some larger-scale works for orchestra.

Furman 16 October Latin American Classical Composers: Retrieved 11 December Darius Milhaud Darius Milhaud French: He was a member of Les Six—also known as The Group of Six—and one of the most prolific composers of the 20th century.

His compositions are influenced by jazz and Brazilian music and make extensive use of polytonality. Milhaud is considered one of the key modernist composers.

He also studied privately with Vincent d’Indy. From tohe served as secretary to Paul Claudel, the eminent poet and dramatist who was then the French ambassador to Brazil, and with whom Milhaud collaborated for many years, setting music Having studied music from an early age, he studied at the Paris Conservatoire and won its top prize, the Prix de Rome at his first attempt, despite studies interrupted by his service in World War I. Ibert pursued a successful composing career, writing sometimes in collaboration with other composers seven operas, five ballets, incidental music for plays and films, works for piano solo, choral works, and chamber music.

He is probably best remembered for his orchestral works including Divertissement and Escales As a composer, Ibert did not attach himself to any of the prevalent genres of music of his time, and has been described as an eclectic.

This is seen even in his best-known pieces: Divertissement, for small orchestra is lighthearted, even frivolous, and Escales is a ripely romantic work for large orchestra. In tandem with his creative work, Ibert was th Biography Taltabull was born in Barcelona.

He came from an educated, middle-class family and studied music mainly piano locally. Upon the first publication of his work inhe moved to Munich to study aesthetics and music theory under Franz Wiedermeyer. He also studied composition in Leipzig with Max Reger, for whom Taltabull dedicated his Sonatina per a piano He married Lea Masson in When Taltabull returned to Barcelona, he was received indifferently and did not find much professional suc Gabriel Marie Grovlez 4 April — 20 October was an eminent French composer, conductor, pianist, and music critic.

As a guest conducter he worked at opera houses in Mo Roger Boucher 13 January — 20 October [1][2] was a French organist and composer. In he became musical director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra for only one season before returning to Pa Together with the Octet by Niels Gade, it is regarded as amongst the most notable successors to Felix Mendelssohn’s celebrated Octet, Op.

The complexity of a structure spanning forty minutes in performance caused him considerable difficulty, though he found the challenge exciting. An engineer launching his first suspension bridge over a river, could not feel more anxiety than I felt when I set out to darken my paper” Gavoty This is a list of students of music, organized by teacher.

In the English-speaking world, his hymn tune “Living God” in He obtained a position as director of vocal studies at the school in Cannes, later transferring to Deauville, and finally to Aix-les-Bains.

The four were devotees of the music of Erik Satie, who was living in Arcueil at the time. The musicians of this group dedicated themselves to the musical goals of clarity, simplicity, and a commitment to French musical tradition, including French humor, which they felt was typified by Satie’s music.


The group was short-live Compositions Roger-Ducasse wrote music in nearly all classical forms, and was particularly known for his operatic stage works and orchestral compositions. His compositions are often influenced by Spanish and Basque folk music. He remains one of the masters of French Hispanism without remaining locked up in this speciality. He is the brother of the painter William Laparra.

Ernest Guiraud, photograph by G. He is best known for writing the traditional orchestral recitatives used for Bizet’s opera Carmen and for Offenbach’s opera Les contes d’Hoffmann The Tales of Hoffmann.

Biography Guiraud began his schooling in Louisiana under the tutelage of his father, Jean-Baptiste-Louis Guiraud, who had won the Prix de Rome in At age 15, he set a full-length libretto about King David to music that he and his father had found on a trip to Paris.

In December of the same year, Guiraud sailed back to France to continue his musical education. Remarkably gifted as a student, he was awarded first prize for piano in Ravel in Joseph Maurice Ravel ; French: He is often associated with impressionism along with his elder contemporary Claude Debussy, although both composers rejected the term.

Editions musicales- Editions Enoch et cie

In the s and s Ravel was internationally regarded as France’s greatest living composer. Born to a music-loving family, Ravel attended France’s premier music college, the Paris Conservatoire; he was not well regarded by its conservative establishment, whose biased treatment of him andfe a scandal.

After leaving the conservatoire, Ravel found his own way as a composer, developing a style of great clarity, incorporating elements of baroque, neoclassicism geralge, in his later works, jazz. He made some orchestral arrangements of other composers’ music, of which his version of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibit Biography Dupont was born in Caen.

Inhe was given instruction on the organ by Alexander Guilmant. Between andhe studied composition with Charles-Marie Widor. Dupont’s brothers also had artistic careers. Maurice, curator of the Guimet Museum, was an Oriental expert and man of letters. Robert — was a landscaper for Sarthe and Brittany, as well as an official painter of the town halls of Paris.

Inwhile performing his military service, Dupont competed for the Rome Prize. He won second prize, behind An He was a political radical all his life and a passionate enthusiast for such diverse things as medieval music, The Jungle Book of Rudyard Kipling, Johann Sebastian Bach, film stars especially Lilian Harvey and Ginger Rogerstraveling, stereoscopic photography and socialism.

This tower is for the artist like a lighthouse shining qndre across the world. His mother’s family came from Alsace and he identified with that region; his maternal grandfather had been the noted philanthropist and textile manufacturer Jean Dollfus, and Koechlin inherited his strongly developed social conscience. His father died when he was A contemporary of Aaron Copland, Bauer played an active role in shaping American musical identity in the early half of the twentieth century.