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I found this on a sketchy Russian website while looking for an instrumental version. Didn’t find it anywhere else, so I figured I’d post it. Our horses are running mile after mile, Cause Freedom is priceless.

Through the slot of my machine gun I’m looking for the enemy in the dust. Mother Anarchy loves her sons, Mother Anarchy is not for sale. We’ll wait for the enemy, with lead we’ll anxrchisten them Mother Anarchy is with us!

I’ll put my knife into the fire And then I’ll sneak closer. Nothing to be sorry for into the fight, Nothing to be sad about. The only thing that makes me happy is the dead one, killed by the strength of my friend.

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The only thing I can see and remain calm Is the dead enemy. Mother Anarchy is with us! InPierre-Joseph Proudhon used this term to anarchhisten the then-new political philosophy – anarchism – in his treatise What is property?.

Anarchy can mean the following: Thank you all so much for 2, subscribers! And thanks GetChan for finding this recording for the community. Its lyrics reflect the anarchist militarism that affected the Free Territory during its short existence during the Naarchisten Civil War. I do not own any of the audio or footage used in this video, all content belongs to their respective owners This video is for education and recreation, and does not reflect my beliefs nor is it intended to further a political agenda.

Anarkhiya-mama synov svoikh lyubit, Anarkhiya-mama ne prodast, Svintsovym dozhdom vraga prigolubit, Anarkhiya-mama za nas! Zastrochu ogom kinzhal’nym, Kak poblizhe podpushchu. Nichego v boyu ne zhal’ mne, Ni o chom ya ne grushchu Anarkhiya-mama ne synov svoikh lyubit, Anarkhiya-mama ne prodast Svintsovym dozhdom vraga prigolubit, Anarkhiya-mama za nas!


Tol’ko raduyus’ ub0ynoy Sile moyego druzhka. Videt’ ya mogu spokoyno Tol’ko mortvogo vraga. Svintsovym dozhdom vraga prigolubit, Anarkhiya-mama za nas! It’s been a while since I uploaded anarchist song.

They protected the operation of free soviets and libertarian communes in the Free Territory, anarchisen attempt to form a stateless anarcho-communist society from to during the Ukrainian Revolution. Makhnovshchina, Makhnovshchina Your flags are black in the wind They are black with our pain They are red with our blood By the mountains and plains in the snow and in the wind across the whole Ukraine our partisans arise In the Spring Lenin’s treaties delivered the Ukraine to the Germans In the Fall the Makhnovshchina threw them kkochbuch the wind Denikin’s White army entered the Ukraine singing but soon the Makhnovshchina scattered them in the wind.

Makhnovshchina, Makhnovshchina black army of our partisans Who battled in the Ukraine against the Reds and the Whites Makhnovshchina, Makhnovshchina black army of our partisans who wanted to drive away all tyrants forever from the Ukraine.

Our day will kochbuc. A Las Barricadas English translation Black storms agitate the winds Dark clouds won’t allow us to see Though pain and death may await us, Anarcihsten the enemy the duty calls. The most precious good freedom is We have to defend it with faith and courage Raise the revolutionary flag Towards the triumph, is guiding us Raise the revolutionary flag Towards the triumph, is guiding us Working people march to the battle Reactionaries must be overthrown.

To the barricades, to the barricades! Sorry, I do not have the sheets. All arrangements are done by ear. Yiddish Anarchist revolutionary anthem wie lang o wie lang. The Black Version of the popular Chastushka style Folk song.


Music video by Anarkia performing Red Dots. Background was taken from Nikola. R Auto-generated by YouTube.

Day of Kyiv The Kiev Day was established similarly to other holidays celebrated in many cities and towns across Ukraine. Celebrations typically last kochbcuh two days of the last weekend of May, when actors and musicians perform out in the streets.


City residents and suburban tourists travel to the city to see performances. Ryan Taylor – Anarchist Hymn Twitter: Koni vorsty rvut namotom, Nam svoboda doroga, Cherez prorez’ pulemota YA ishchu v stepi vraga. Zastrochu ognom kinzhal’nym, Kak poblizhe podpushchu.

Nichego v boyu ne zhal’ mne, Ni o chom ya ne grushchu. Tol’ko raduyus’ uboynoy Sile moyego druzhka. I bought my first ukulele just yesterday! Awesome instrument and very easy to learn how to play on it. I hope you enjoy that truly punk song xD. A great, seemingly not very well known song about Ukrainian-Russian friendship within the Soviet Union. It’s mostly in Russian, but it has some Ukrainian words sprinkled in as well.

Defeating the Addiction Anarchy Anthem. Like, Subscribe, and Defeat your Addiction! Za Ka Lu – Anarchy this song was written a few years ago from the manufactured pre-ordained false belief perspective and definition of anarchy as violent or unruly, when in fact anarchy is a vital human endeavor to re-establish individual free will, to define and re-claim soul sovereignty within the divine human blueprint in unity consciousness, as freedom comes from the use of free will at all times.

A pile up of videos showing cop car crashes to Fresher Fleshes Anarchist Anthem. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons. Anarchy song writen by Nestor Makhno Anarkia – Red Dots.

Business As Usual – Anarchy Anthem. Ryan Taylor – Anarchist Hymn. Los Anarquistas Sacco y Vanzetti 23 de agosto de Anarchy Anthem – illRayzor. Defeating the Addiction – Anarchy Anthem. Za Ka Lu – Anarchy. Mother Anarchy – Canzone Rivoluzionaria Anarchista. Fresher Flesh — Anarchist Anthem.