Journals” (Luiz Antonio Marcuschi); “Electronic Texts” (Vilson J. Leffa); and. Reproductions .. As analises lingiiisticas de orientacao funcionalista trabalham direta- para a conversao dos textos em arquivos “PDF” (Portable Document. Análise da Interpretação da História na Psicologia de. Freud. Distinção .. de perigo na estrutura social: a sua conversão num sistema capitalista normal é. language, whereas Swales () and Marcuschi () were relied on for discussions related to da tradução e elencar categorias de análise textual dos texto-fonte e alvo. First case: A conversão a essas igrejas, como sabemos, tem.

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We conducted a cross-sectional study among young methamphetamine users. Some guidelines mentioned oral anti-hypertensive medication as a treatment to reduce blood pressure in the emergency department, while others recommended against such treatment.

Open burnings forest fires, agricultural, and garbage burnings are the major sources of air pollution in Chiang MaiThailand.

Median age of decedents was 64 years range y. Dogs could be a reservoir for a zoonotic Cryptosporidium infection in humans, but further studies will be required to determine the clinical and zoonotic importance.

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The metallocenes rac-ethylene bis hindenyl zirconium dichloride, with C2 symmetry and isopropylidene h5cyclopentadienyl hfluorenyl zirconium dichloride, with Cs symmetry, produce isotactic and syndiotactic polypropylene respectively. Associations between damage location and five daa body region injuries of MAIS 3—6 injured occupants.

This work examines the association between yearly climate patterns between and and influenza outbreaks in the Chiang Mai Province.

The results are as follows: Breastfeeding and its relation to child nutrition in rural Chiang MaiThailand. Door-to-door interview technique was assigned in condition with multistage probability random sampling to obtain subjects that represent a population of Chiang Mai.

Effect of heat treatment and shelf life on chilling injury of mango cv. While mortality outcomes in the literature have been reported, there is less evidence of morbidity effects with very few studies conducted in developing countries with subtropical or tropical climate. In contrast, the lowest injury risk ratio was 5.


Autologous chondrocyte implantation ACI has become one of the standard procedures for articular cartilage defect treatment. Moreover, the proposed system can reduce by half the required number of code sequences compared to the conventional scheme. Standardized mortality ratio SMR was used to assess the excess mortality risk among foreign nationals.

Referencia identificadora: a identificabilidade e a acessibilidade.

Traditional beliefs and practices in Thai culture clearly aim to conversaoo the life and well-being of a new mother and her baby. Multiple linear regression indicated that total HIV-related stigma was more predictive of treatment adherence than any individual stigma type, after adjusting for socio-demographic and health characteristics.

Transtorno de ansiedade generalizada em idosos com oitenta anos ou mais.

No side effect or other complications from the use of oral anti-hypertensive medication were recorded The choice of medication used for the treatment of hypertensive urgency ranged from Amlodipine, Marcuscni, Hydralazine, and Nifedipine, which varied in dosage. Full Text Available Influenza is one of the most important leading causes of respiratory illness in the countries located in the tropical areas of South East Asia and Thailand.

Three hundred sixteen cases of eyelid tumors were reviewed. Most of the patients registered as intermediate to high risk on the Sokal score. Using exploratory and inferential statistics, the article shows that Cryptosporidium parvum can be isolated from the feces of dogs, and all G.

Prevalence of dementia among population age over 45 years in Chiang MaiThailand.

Referencia identificadora: a identificabilidade e a acessibilidade. – Free Online Library

The concept of sustainability brings the concern about the concersao of life and future generations. Apesar disso, a busca por novas fontes microbianas vem crescendo em todo o mundo. The Tandetron accelerator employs two ion sources, a duoplasmatron ion source and a sputter ion source, capable of producing ion beams of both light species hydrogen and helium and heavy species.


A cross-sectional study was conducted to evaluate current breastfeeding practices among a population in a remote rural area of Chiang MaiThailand. Ion beam analysis experiments and applications have been vigorously developed for the real time characterization of various marcusfhi.

The highest injury risk ratio of MAIS injured occupants caused by crush intrusion between 40 and 60 cm in LTV-PC nearside impact collisions and the damage region of the struck vehicle was in the zones ‘E’ and ‘Y’. Fresh market to supermarket: Catalytic converters or automotive catalyst are formed by noble metals such as platinum, rhodium, palladium, and molybdenum supported in cordierite, a porous ceramic materials which convert the pollutant gases in carbon dioxide, water and nitrogenous, no-pollutant products.

This study investigated the short-term effects of temperature on out-patient visits and hospital admissions in Chiang MaiThailand. There are about public health stations out of villages; hence thiessen polygon was created to determine the representative area of each public health station.

Conclusion Spatial analysis methods in GIS revealed the spatial patterns and hotspots of diarrhea in Chiang Mai province from the year mmarcuschi Full Text Available Logistics, considered by some authors as “a science of the future, has the aim ofof studydimensioning and correlation optimal flow of information and goods, in order to continuouslyadapt the organization to comversao environment” and analiae an essential component of management entity,especially in the context propagation production concept JIT just in time, extended to financialsecurity.

The adult flukes were identified based on morphological features, morphometrics, host-parasite relationships, and geographical distribution. The climatic factors included the amount of rainfall, percent of rainy days, relative humidity, maximum, minimum temperatures and temperature difference.

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