Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). MCI Catalog MARINE CORPS PUBLICATIONS AND DIRECTIVES SYSTEM AMPHIBIOUS EMBARKATION THE LOGISTICS/EMBARKATION SPECIALIST. MCIWESTO W CEll. (1) (55) MCIWEST-MCB CAMPENO i. Vehicle preparation for amphibious embarkation includes inspection to.

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Though not used for sewage purposes, storage of this water and the absence of chlorine make it a potential disease carrier for those in close contact with it during the washing operations. As a corrosion prevention measure, salt water is not used for cleaning vehicles.

C-day is the unnamed day on which deployment for an operation commences or is to commence; it is established by a combatant commander or higher. The following are standards: Also refer to figure Once embarked, you will continue to have problems due to communication security measures which the CATF imposes. The CCO will verify that all requirements and any restrictions are considered in the load plan. The results of the visit will assist.

Why were some of these expeditions so successful and others disastrous? Organization Code One Character Each organization has its own one-digit code.

Main Body The main body movement from the garrison location to the SPOE should be phased to prevent congestion upon arrival at the pier. The Tentative Manual for Landing Operations became the basis on which landing exercises of the s were conducted.

Assigning and scheduling the use of cargo assembly areas, vehicle staging areas, and embarkation points to subordinate embarkation elements or teams. Unit embarkation officers will ensure, at amphibiuos minimum, the following mission-oriented training is included in the unit s annual training plan: Advising the CLF on Embarrkation support and naval forces embarkation requirements.

All boxes, such as publications, computer, and supplies, are to be marked, incorporated into the garrison UDL, and made ready for movement.

Unit Embarkation Handbook

The duties of the transport element embarkation officer are similar to the duties of the unit or element embarkation officer described in JP and generally include the following: Answer questions 1 through 3 by filling in the spaces provided. Amphhibious arrival at the washrack, the following must be completed: The embarkation group has, as its nucleus, a major subdivision of the task organization of the LF, such as division, amphibioks, brigade, or other comparable troop echelon.


The load plan is designed to support the LF. Standard Embarkation Boxes, Crates, Pallets, and Containers Standard embarkation boxes, crates, pallets, and containers will be used to the maximum extent possible. Coordinating Instructions 1 Code name. The intelligence officer provides information early since it is needed to develop the commander and staff estimates. By reducing the distance, aircraft can carry more ordnance, stay on station longer, fly more sorties per day, and have a amphibiius rapid response.

3111 MCO D. 2. MOS 0411, Maintenance Management Specialist (MGySgt to Pvt) PMOS

In theory, the advanced base force was supposed to be prepared to seize, and defend the bases. Director, Office of the More information. Target folders are prepared in support of advance force operations and subsequent direct action missions. Ellis, who visualized the future and what it held for the Marine Corps. The levels of detail are described as follows: Basic Reenlistment Prerequisites The basic prerequisites pertain to all Reserve Marines applying for reenlistment.

Examinations submitted on DP37 are mechanically graded. Coordinate with the ship s master or first mate on the number of embarked personnel. Its Level IV information is combined with the planned transportation routing requirements and geographic codes GEOCODEs to provide a complete picture of the cargo, vehicles, and equipment the organization needs to move and how those items will be transported to the final destination.

Preparing the complete unit embarkation plan for approval by the MSE commander. The process through which this is provided is the assignment of specific collection tasks to friendly units. Moves by the same mode and source. Exercise Ssang Yong is a biennial military exercise focused on strengthening the amphibious landing capabilities of the Republic of Korea, the U. LF aviation can be, and usually is, deployed in three ways to support an amphibious assault. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.


Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Packing and Crating To save stowage space and lessen cargo damage, the following should be considered: Formation of the various embarkation echelons depends upon the degree of decentralization of command and control necessary to successfully accomplish the embarkation.

Unit Embarkation Handbook – PDF

When we talk about air support in an amphibious operation, we mean all air operations conducted to satisfy the requirements of the entire ATF. The AOA also includes sufficient land area to permit the CATF to launch air strikes against the enemy force’s attempting to reinforce its ground forces embarkatiin to destroy enemy airfields within striking distance of the task force without referring to higher authority.

This includes time required to study text material and complete chapter exercises and the final examination. This is the major distinguishing feature of an amphibious operation.

Embarkaion are the three purposes of an amphibious operation? In fact, there is embarkatioon resemblance in concept between this early advanced base function and the function which required specially trained troops for amphibious assaults. Its mission is to provide an administrative group from which required Navy elements may be made available to the ATF and LF commanders embarkaation support the landing requirements.

Maintaining a copy of the landing plan and loading plan for all ships assigned to the LF. I b Collection Planning. If the documentation process is delegated to the moving unit, a completed government bill of lading GBL must be provided to the base or station DMO and deploying unit before any cargo, equipment, or vehicle departs the base or station on commercial carriers. Hardstand is a hard surface which, even when wet, will not allow any soil to be smbarkation to vehicles, supplies, and equipment.

Commandant of the Marine More information. Both the Navy and Marine Corps organic collection assets are tactical in nature, and as a result, are too limited to overcome the distance involved.

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