AmiBroker Formula Language topics: Understanding how AFL language works · Creating your own indicators · Using graph styles and colors in the indicators. Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) is a high level language used to create Trading systems and Algorithms. It is very easy to understand if you start from basics. The amibroker library is not available to trial users and the manual is a bit too hard to follow, so i make this thread to ask for algorithms and.

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I hope now you are comfortable with the basic AFL syntax. You will find readymade codes for your systems and need not to re-work from scratch. We specialize in algorithmic trading, trading system design and quantitative analysis.

I want to make a ALF Sir should we scan stocks on the basis of three different Supertrend values should be different if all Supertend shows buy signal at same time then also stock is scan. It comes bundled with a highly powerful backtesting and optimization engine, apart from the usual charting features.

Hello sir, i want to know my strategy coding. He has been in the market since and working with Amibroker since Feel free to comment if you are stuck at any point. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The end goal being the development of your own market-beating trading model.

My Top 5 Ways To Learn Amibroker

The code is provided and the full rules are given. Obviously, the first port-of-call when learning Amibroker will be to go to the official Amibroker website and help pages. How does lifetime access sound? It may be sufficient but not recommended. And it can then be referenced using the SetForeign function.


My Top 5 Ways To Learn Amibroker

There is a quiz at the end of each section to evaluate your learnings. We would never want you to be unhappy! One can code custom indicators, amibrokeer chart analysis and also build a fully automated trading system out of Amibroker. Step by Step Tutorial- Part 1. In MS I save as a layout!! What are you going to learn from this course? Paid Course Coupon Discount. Your Instructor Trading Tuitions. The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still amibrlker This course is designed by a group of experts who carry decades of experience in programming as well as financial markets.

One thing I like to do, for example, is to formulla non-stock data and see if it can be used to help make trading decisions. This course begins with the very basics of computer programming.

All the concepts are explained with screenshots which makes it easy to follow. Check out the course curriculum for details.

I can see why the TM course might be too expensive for some. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I have no prior experience in programming. There are many other smart bloggers and traders out there using Amibroker. I took your Amibroker course on TradingMarkets and found it very good and useful. This is the ideal first book if you have only just bought Amibroker and should definitely be your second port-of-call after the Amibroker website. Hi Surendran, Can you please elaborate your query. Then, there are numerous sections around AFL coding explained in a step by step fashion.


Hithank you could please show me the code for openh langage, lc of open interest. Its popularity owes ammibroker its robustness and wide array of features that deliver almost everything that you can imagine.

It languave tremendous value over the official guide from Amibroker. Would formuls course help me? The course is designed considering people like you. However, there is no specific reference to Java or C.

People tend to over optimize their strategy such that it exactly follows the historical data and may be useless for the future unknown data. It also provides a number of useful templates of code, constructed in the correct, best practice method.

Amibroker formula language algorithms and questions | Elite Trader

Unfortunately, though, sometimes real life takes over so some blogs do disappear into the ether. Hi Dipak, Try the latest version 6. Say, i wish to learn the language through detailed basics and not just rotting down without understanding the basics of programs and following copy-pasting strategy.

Most of the time, the data can be quickly prepared in Excel and then imported into Amibroker as a CSV file.

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