1. Eur Ann Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Dis. Feb;(1) doi: / Epub Jul 9. A case of an ameloblastic fibrosarcoma in the mandible is described. The primary tumor was seen in a 5-year-old child. In spite of repeated surgical. Introduction. Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma (AFS) is a rare malignant odontogenic tumor. It can arise de novo, however one-third of cases may arise from a recurrent.

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Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma: a rare malignant odontogenic tumor.

There is also a lack of data on the effects of the sarcomatous component of the lesion on proliferative activity and differentiation aspects of the ameloblastic epithelium present in AFS. August 23, ; Accepted: Computed tomography scan showed extension of the lesion medially and vertically to the nasal septal bone and the inferior orbital rim, respectively [ Figure 2 ].

Histological typing of odontogenic tumors, jaw cysts, and allied lesions. Lectures on certain diseases of the jaws. Biphasic with benign epithelium and malignant stroma: Pathology Research and Practice.

Finally, sections were counterstained with Harris hematoxylin. Report of a case in a Nigerian.

Histopathological examination showed the same biphasic tumor previously described. Ameolblastic ameloblastic tumours of the lower jaw. Report of 2 chemosensitive pediatric cases. Verh Dtsch Ges Pathol ; However, in the case of clinicoradiographic evidence of an aggressive tumor, serial sampling of surgical specimens should be performed to look for a histologically malignant phenotype. Zur histologie und histogenese des adamantinoms. In a few described cases, adjuvant chemotherapy was used, with inconclusive results 4.

Immunohistochemical studies may facilitate diagnosis of these lesions, given that Ki, PCNA and p53 were found expressed at higher levels within the sarcomatous component of the AFS, whereas they are absent or expressed at lower levels in AF 51262697989, Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma of the jaws – report of three cases. Postoperative chemotherapy and radiotherapy has been used successfully in a few reported cases.


Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma of the mandible: Studies regarding p63 and p16 on the pathogenesis of AFS are apparently elusive. The final histopathological diagnosis was identical to that of the incisional biopsy and an AFS was confirmed. Kenntnis der malignen adamantinome. The chi-square test was used to analyze any association between clinical and histomorphological factors.

Immunoexpression of Ki67, proliferative cell nuclear antigen, and Bcl-2 proteins in a case of ameloblastic fibrosarcoma. Rapid sarcomatous transformation of an ameloblastic fibroma of the mandible: Lesions usually affected the posterior mandible 59 cases, Paresthesia, dysesthesia and ulcers are sometimes reported 53747 Currently, one year after the surgical procedure, the patient is clinically and radiologically disease-free Figure 7.

These proteins have been used as biological behavior and prognosis for different neoplasia. Clinically, most AFS are similar to AF, but characteristics of aggressive behavior are always identified, as seen in the present case.

Pathology Outlines – Malignant tumors: ameloblastic fibrosarcoma

Loss of heterozygosity LOH in tumour suppressor genes in benign and ameloblaztic mixed odontogenic tumours.

All these components are included in a highly cellular malignant connective stromal component, with cells showing variable degrees of anaplasia 1. Proc N Y Path Soc ; Received Jan 11; Accepted Mar 2. Computerized tomography CT scan showed a large destructive mass. Postoperative radiotherapy at a dose of Gy 1065 was sometimes used, with no recurrence during the follow-up period 4.

Assessment of growth potential by MIB-1 immunohistochemistry in ameloblastic fibroma and related lesions of the jaws compared with ameloblastic fibrosarcoma.

Disruption in the mechanisms of control cell growth ameooblastic a hallmark of cancer, which occur mainly due to derangement of the cell cycle checkpoints. CK was strongly positive in the odontogenic epithelium and negative in the mesenchymal component, while Vimentin was strongly positive in the mesenchymal component and negative in the odontogenic epithelium.


Curves for different clinicopathological factors were traced using the Kaplan-Meier method and then compared using univariate analyses log-rank test. Acta Chir Scand ; A Case Report and Literature Review. Considerations regarding the epithelial odontogenic tumor classification and biological behavior: This website is intended for pathologists and laboratory personnel, who understand that medical information is imperfect and must be interpreted using reasonable medical judgment.

Bull Tokyo Dent Coll ; Unfortunately, in most cases, jaw pain is interpreted as of dental origin and the patient is treated accordingly. An intraoral examination revealed lingual and buccal cortical bone expansion affecting the mandibular body, with no clinical or imaging evidence of cortical perforation.

Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol ; Please review our privacy policy. No other intra- or extra-oral sign was observed; the fibrosarcooma head and fibrosarcona examination and general physical evaluation were unremarkable and no significant event was noted in the medical history. The origin of our patients AFS and her age are two important features to consider since they seem to further support the observation made by Noordhoek gibrosarcoma al.

It is regarded as the malignant counterpart of ameloblastic fibroma AF. A year-old man, educated in an engineering field, from a city in North of Iran was referred to School of Dentistry of Tehran University of Medical Sciences by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon OMFS for oral pathology consultation in winter of Open in a separate window.